Holographic Energy Co., Ltd.: tribute to Chinese Scientists – Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform

“We sing the east red and stand up as masters. We tell the story of spring, reform and opening up and become rich.”

Singing loudly, singing the new era. 1978 – 2018, In a moment, China will usher in 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

 Holographic Energy Co., Ltd.: tribute to Chinese Scientists – Celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform 2

With 40 years of hard work of reform and opening up, China has repeatedly created miracles and constantly created the “Chinese miracle” that shocked the world: “Artemisinin”, “Hybrid Rice”, “Shen zhou V”, “Tian he No.1”, “China Eye of the Sky”, “China High Speed Rail”, “Blue Whale No. 1”, “Hua long No. 1”, “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge”… From agriculture to medicine, from military to aerospace, Chinese science and technology rushed all the way,  cast a splendid world.

These remarkable achievements are made by generations of scientists with profound patriotism, and with their outstanding academic attainments and broad scientific perspectives, significant contributions in the shine of history they have made. They have been obsessed with going to scientific research all their lives, and dedicated their passionate youth to the motherland. The motherland will not forget, and the people will not forget.

Standing at the new historical node, Holographic Energy, the new force of energy innovation in the new era take all scientists who have taken roots in technological innovation for decades as  model. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Holographic Energy has landed in the global media gold port, Nasdaq big screen, Times Square Reuters big screen, Beijing Zhong guan cun big screen and simultaneous vocalization to pay tribute to all Chinese scientists! They have ignited the burning of life for the national science and technology, and they have also inspired the holographic people to push forward the world energy revolution. With the practical actions and struggle spirit of “Chasing the wind and chasing the sun”, they have practised the great mission of “returning the earth to be clean.”

Innovation is the future, and reform is about the national movement. At present, the global innovation map is accelerating reconstruction. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly elaborated on the ecological civilization theory of “lucid water and lush mountains are invaluable assets”on many occasions. Holographic energy is adhering to this concept and moving forward to promote the industrial application of artificial tornado energy utilization, and focus on the application of new energy storage technologies and ecological energy technologies, and to the various energy applications for social production and life. Provide more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative energy and technology solutions to provide effective solutions for global environmental governance and protection, and promote harmony between people and nature.

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