Seed Marketing Agency Offers a Wide Range of Services Geared toward Increasing Brand Awareness and Engagement in Both Offline and Online Platforms

Brands find it tough to understand and penetrate the ever-changing youth culture. Brand campaigns can be in danger of falling flat without detailed research. Seed Marketing Agency can help with that using their unique insights into students and youth culture and extensive network of influential students. helps to connect customers with their target audience of influential students who help in campaigns. Through their services, they activate big markets that lead local and global student movement for some of the big brands. Their services include a comprehensive insight and strategic planning to deliver the right message using a global network of student ambassadors through co-creation workshops for both brands and students. They also offer access to more than 10,000 influential students and their groups around UK universities. They employ a student-led approach that informs campaign design and KPIs. From websites, content, and apps, to social campaigns, Seed Marketing Agency brings the world together by seamlessly integrating digital and real-world experiences.

With their network of influential students, Seed Marketing Agency is able to create customised campaigns that cut through the noise in today’s global marketing climate. Through their knowledge of the ever-changing youth landscape, they are able to predict what will work, where and when. Many brand campaigns targeting students have been quite successful because of their unique and relatable campaign strategies that are tailored for the brands. One such campaign involves inviting students to design their own plain white shirt for a clothing brand. Another successful campaign involves organizing a run for cancer research that reached 250,000 students across many campuses and online platforms.

What makes campaigns effective with Seed Marketing Agency is their special insight into the ever-evolving students and youth culture in Britain. They launched What Matters To Us, a campaign specifically designed to explore what it is that really matters to students and what they are most passionate about. Students today are more brand-conscious, choosing to support brands that are authentic and honest about their business practices. Through their research, they have uncovered that what students remember most about brand campaigns are their experiential component and genuine connections.

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