With its New Stock Update China-Hifi-Audio Brings a Number of Line Magnetic Amplifier Products for Music Lovers (audiophiles)

Line Magnetic is well known for its high end products, and now customers can purchase these products online at reasonable prices from China-Hifi-Audio.

For over one decade, Line Magnetic (LM-audio) products are the hot favorite among many music lovers around the globe. Customers often have to visit local stores to purchase these amplifiers, available at premium prices. But now, China-Hifi-Audio has a significant collection of LM products in its portfolio, which one can purchase online at reasonable prices. At the same time, the tube amplifier online store presents detailed information about the products, allowing customers to make a sensible purchasing decision and get the best amplifier for their music listening experience.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, all LM amplifiers feature a cutting-edge technology and are developed to deliver an incredible music without any interference. One can purchase various LM products online from them, including CD players, DACs, tube electronics, classic horns, speakers and other products. The amplifiers of the company are often appreciated by the users for sweet and natural voice delivery. The company has been continuously acquiring new technologies to improve the capabilities of its products, and this is the reason why its products are advanced and feature-rich. The company and its several products have won design awards and this again indicates the company’s commitment to keep innovating and bringing more powerful amplifiers for the customers.

With its New Stock Update China-Hifi-Audio Brings a Number of Line Magnetic Amplifier Products for Music Lovers(audiophiles)

The online store has many types of LM products in its portfolio, but one should check the LM-518IA single ended Class A tube amplifier. This integrated amplifier is also a power amplifier. It comes with a remote control for a convenient operating and also with a tube cage cover for its protection. The amplifier features a single-ended triode design and distributes 22 watts per channel. This integrated stereo amplifier has 845 output power tubes, and all tubes are integrated with 12 AX7 input tubes that help in the voltage amplification. It also comes with 6 P3P driver tubes and 5 AR4 rectifier tubes. According to the spokesperson, the 6 P3P driver tubes can also be replaced by other types of driver tubes. The amplifier also has four pairs of input and speaker terminals located at its back panel for connecting different speakers. The amplifier also features handmade construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.

Another important LM tube integrated amplifier in their portfolio is the Line Magnetic 218ia amplifier. One can explore its advanced features, such as a point-to-point hand welded circuit and twenty-two watts power per channel. This class A integrated amplifier comes fitted with the toroidal transformers for power supply and also has two EI output transformers. It comes with a standard remote control and a Japanese ALPS volume potentiometer. The user bias control of the amplifier allows an easy monitoring of the BIAS.

For more details of this amplifier and other LM amplifiers, one can visit the website https://www.china-hifi-audio.com.

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