BDR China sets up new factory in Jia Xing and holds grand industry forum

On Oct 30, 2018, BDR officially laid the foundation for the construction of its new factory in Jia Xing, Zhejiang province, China. On the same day afternoon, BDR 7th industry forum is also held in Jia Xing. Under the joint witness of many local government leaders, relevant association experts and more than 500 HVAC practitioners, BDR declared that China has entered a new era of development and started a new journey in China.

BDR China sets up new factory in Jia Xing and holds grand industry forum 2

The building of the new plant in China fall address in Zhejiang Sino-German Jia Xing industrial cooperation park of Zhejiang province Jia Xing economic and technological development zone, plant land occupies a total of 30 mu, investment exceeds one hundred million yuan, in the future, the total sales value will exceed 1 billion yuan, it is a bigger factory after the former Shanghai factory in China.

Why build factories in China continuously? Jan Van Ooijen, the Chief Operating Officer of BDR group, said in an interview, “In recent years, China has become the world’s largest market for heating products and can compete with the UK market, with China’s urbanization and the development of the ‘coal to gas’ project, this market has experienced explosive growth.”

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China’s wall hanging furnace heating market is in increasingly vigorous demand, not only because of the huge space brought by the energy structure adjustment, but also because of the huge potential from third-level and fourth-level markets. The growth of demand also puts forward higher requirements on the quantity and quality of product production. As a world-class HVAC company, BDR is in line with the trend and will go a long way.

Jia Xing, where BDR China’s new factory is located, is the golden hinterland of the urban agglomeration of the Yangtze river delta in China. It has a superior geographical position and a perfect transport and shipping channel, which is of great benefit to the introduction of talents and the construction of logistics system. When Jia Xing factory is completed, it will radiate the whole Chinese market. In addition, the government leaders in Jia Xing, China also gave high support and high expectations to BDR group’s entry.

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On the day of Jia Xing factory’s foundation, it also ushered in the seventh heating forum of BDR. The European headquarter senior management of BDR group, together with BDR China distributors, suppliers and trader partners, will discuss the new trend of industry development with the theme of ” Dialogue New Era”.

As China’s market is increasingly expanded, BDR kept increasing investment in China, including setting up factories, increasing the localization product research and development and production, initiating innovation on logistics system construction and sales channels development, developing HVAC talent cultivation, and executing marketing and brand communication. Under all above efforts, BDR achieved excellent results. The successful hosting of the seventh heating forum is a good example.

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2018, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. As a leader of the HVAC industry, BDR has witnessed the rise and prosperity of China’s HVAC industry as well as the rapid development of China’s economy. Now, BDR has entered a new era and ushered in a new journey of development in China. How will BDR China continue to prosper in the broader market in the future? It is worth expecting.

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