Rococo Systems Brings Linn Sound Technologies to Home Entertainment

Ongar, Essex – Rococo Systems & Design is enhancing the capabilities of home entertainment systems by bringing in Linn Hi-Fi products. With a strong foundation in home-automation and entertainment installations, Rococo is able to reconstruct the electronic system of a home or business for a unique and ultimate sound experience.

Rococo Systems & Design understand just how powerful sound technologies can be in shaping the entertainment experience. That’s why they work with an extensive array of Linn Hi-Fi products. As an authorised dealer of Linn Hi-Fi technologies, Rococo passes on the benefits of these systems to their customers. They offer a wide array of Linn products, including the popular Linn record player and Linn Majik DSM. Being the largest UK supplier of Linn products, Rococo Systems’ strong background allows them to use their experience and knowledge to make reliable recommendations for every installation.

The advantages of upgrading to a Hi-Fi system through Rococo are found in the advanced capabilities of the Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI). By putting the user in greater control of technology, these programmes give homeowners remote access from any smart device. Users can control not only sound, but other automated features such as light, heating, and security as well.

Having a desirable home-cinema experience means working with the design to improve acoustics and optimise sound quality. For this reason, Rococo works with interior designers and architects in order to develop the right system in every space. This includes multi-room installations and Hi-Fi acoustics that can connect to Linn devices and speakers throughout the entire home. Some examples of their work and design suggestions can be seen on their Instagram page at

With over thirty years of experience servicing Linn audio, Rococo Systems have become well-known in the home entertainment and audio-visual industries. In addition to being the largest dealer of Linn, they have garnered their prominent place in the industry through their commitment to customer care. They are readily available for questions on their social media pages, such as at Additionally, more information on their business can be found at

As innovations in technology continue to streamline the home entertainment and user experience, Rococo Systems seek to help their clients take advantage of the new listening comforts and high-quality Linn products that the modern era has to offer.

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