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Melbourne, VIC – SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors Administration is providing Botox in Melbourne. The objective of the service is to help patients get rid of growing wrinkles on their face and treat expression lines like frown lines on the forehead, as well as the “turkey neck” and crow’s feet around the eyes. Individuals looking to improve their facial appearance are required to contact the team and book an appointment for the Botox injections.

Botox or botulinum is very well known in Hollywood. Just a few decades ago, many movie stars, looking to enhance their beauty noticed the incredible impact of Botox in dealing with all types of wrinkles and expressions lines on their face. Back then, it was very expensive for ordinary individuals to go for a box injection. The injections were solely for the elite class.

Now almost everyone can afford a Botox injection and have that new facelift they have been dreaming of. The total cost of the Botox injections depends on the number of injections taken by an individual. A single dose of Botox now costs up to 15 dollars, with few injections for treatments going to individuals with very active muscles.

“A treatment of the forehead or the crow’s feet requires 10 to 20 injections which can cost up to $300, but the actual price depends on what each cosmetic doctor charges. When the Botox is injected, it relaxes muscles which stop skin creasing that actually causes wrinkles,” says Dr. Pallavi Sharma, director and cosmetic doctor of Skin Club. “These injections are very effective for treating ‘expression lines’ like frown lines on the forehead, as well as the “turkey neck” and crow’s feet around the eyes.”

At SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors Administration, Botox in Melbourne is provided by the elite doctors available. They start the process through a careful examination of the patient’s skin condition, the state of the wrinkles and the nature of the muscles. This helps to determine the number of sessions and Botox injections required to achieve the required result for each patient.

Dr. Pallavi Sharma is the lead cosmetic doctor at the practice and one of Melbourne’s best and most respected cosmetic doctors. With the help of his team, they provide cutting-edge and result driven Botox to patients, producing remarkable records for their patients at their Dr. Sharma’s Studio Clinic. SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors Administration is doing Lip Fillers in Melbourne as well.

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