Colin Cutlery Debuts Sleek, Ergonomic Cutlery Collection on Kickstarter

68-piece collection features Japanese-inspired craftsmanship and hammered handle design

The team at Colin Cutlery has just announced the debut of their sleek new cutlery collection on Kickstarter. With the new campaign, Colin Cutlery aims to raise capital and awareness toward the production and delivery of their leading-edge cutlery set.

The set features 68 pieces, including knives, spoons, forks, and more. The set is the culmination of months of research and design, featuring a design including 18/0 stainless steel and hammered dimpled handles.

The design, which was inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, offers comfort and elegance for those who use it. Ergonomic handle design makes each piece easy to use and comfortable on the hands. Colin Cutlery is anti-corrosive to lend to longevity.

According to the team at Colin Cutlery, which is based in the Netherlands, “We believe that cooking and eating should be done in the most comfortable environment possible and therefore we offer high-quality kitchenware at an affordable price.”

Colin Cutlery Debuts Sleek, Ergonomic Cutlery Collection on Kickstarter 2

The Colin Cutlery team is looking to gain support from Kickstarter backers in exchange for early bird specials on the luxury cutlery set. Colin Cutlery aims to raise just over $11,000 for their project. Backers will receive discounted cutlery sets, and some backers can even receive two sets for their pledges.

The capital raised through Kickstarter will go towards production costs for the new cutlery sets. “The design and tooling, along with the prototype, are ready,” said the team at Colin Cutlery. “All we need is your help to achieve this goal of introducing a valuable product.”

A full description of the project, including images of the Colin Cutlery sets and updates, can be found now at

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