Bexplus Cryptocurrecy Exchange – Explore The Innovative Bitcoin Futures Exchange

If you have traded bitcoins, you must be familiar with cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, there are over ten thousand crypto-exchanges all over the world. However, most of the exchanges lack innovation. Nevertheless, Bexplus exchange is attempting to break this boring situation bringing a new trading mode-futures trading.

Currently, spot trade is the main trading mode in the cryptocurrency world. A spot trade consists of purchase or sell a commodity for instant delivery. For example, investors can buy Bitcoin from Coinbase and earn profits when Bitcoin price goes up. However, there are some disadvantages of spot trade. Firstly, investors can only buy tokens in one direction. If the price of the token falls below the purchase price, investors will lose money. Secondly, in the spot trade, the profit is highly related to investors’ capital. When the price of tokens goes up for 1%, an investor can only earn 1% exceeding profit. The expectation of returns is restricted.

Other than Coinbase and similar cryptocurrency exchanges, Bexplus exchange provides a new trading mode which is called Futures Trading. Futures trading is a derivative product, allowing investors to trade contract related to a specific commodity at a predetermined price and sell in the future with a profitable price.


Bexplus futures trading provides leverage and long/short mechanism for investors to make maximized profit. Let’s explore how Bexplus exchange and futures contract revolutionize the transaction environment in cryptocurrency area.

What is Bexplus Exchange?

Bexplus is the most progressive cryptocurrency exchange. It provides leverage trading and long/short mechanism. Investors can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin futures contract in Bexplus. According to the introduction from its website, Bexplus is established by senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders, and internet professionals who have accumulated 50 years of professional experience. Bexplus trading index is combined with five top exchanges based on the data weight to prevent data failure for a single exchange and provide persistent and smooth trading experience.

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What Can Bexplus Offer for Investors?

Futures contract

A Futures contract is a derivative product and an agreement to buy or sell a commodity at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future.

Bexplus provides Perpetual Future Contract which is a derivative product similar to a traditional Futures Contract, without expiry or settlement. The perpetual futures contract is more like a spot trade but has long/short mechanism and leverage.

Long/short mechanism:

In finance, the meaning of long trade is that investors have bought an asset and hope the price of asset going up. On the contrary, short trade is that investors sell assets before buying them and hope the price declining. Most cryptocurrency exchanges only provide long trade, which means investors will not be able to earn profits if the token price goes down.

Bexplus provides futures contract which allows investors to place long/short trade, which enables them to seize the chance to make money when the token price goes to either way.

Leveraged trading:

Leverage is an investment strategy involving the use of various financial instruments to increase the potential return of an investment.

Bexplus offers 100x leverage which means that if the price rises 1% and investors have placed the long request, their profit will be 100%. On the contrary, if the price falls by 1% and investors have placed the short request, their profit will still be 100%.

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Multi-Platform/language Support:

Investors can easily download Bexplus in Google Play or directly visit official website ( According to the official announcement in its homepage, it will be listed on App Store very soon.

Furthermore, Bexplus provides 15 different languages serving investors from different countries around the world.

How Can I Make Profits from Bexplus?

The process is simple:

Step One – Visit, visit bexplus official website ( or download Bexplus app in Google Play.

Step Two – Register, click register bottom and fill in your email. You will receive a verification code, enter it to finish your registration.

Step Three – Deposit, click deposit bottom and transfer BTC to Bexplus from your wallet. The deposited BTC will be stored in multi-signature encrypted cold wallet.

Step Four – When the BTC is successfully transferred to your Bexplus account, you may initiate trading, that’s it!

Don’t forget to practice with the trading simulator, it can help you get conversant with innovative futures trading and Bexplus exchange.


Bexplus provides two promotions to new registered users, which can easily be found on the homepage.

1. Invite your friends to get 30% commission

The referral commission rate is 30% of your invitees’ transaction fee. You will earn as long as your invitee trades. Once an invitation is successful, both inviter and invitee will enjoy the trading privileges from Bexplus which lead 10% off from every transaction service charge. You may use the invitation code here: (PCDfB)

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2. Deposit any amount of BTC to Earn 50% BTC Bonus

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Bexplus devotes to meeting clients’ demands of making money in the volatile cryptocurrency world. Leverage and futures contract help investors earn multiple profits. Sign up as soon as possible to enjoy futures trading.

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