Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama Met with Chinese Generation Z Blockchain Entrepreneur

The Japan Blockchain Tech Summit was held by Japan Digital Finance in Tokyo on November 29. The theme of the summit was ” Exchange views on the current status of blockchain technology and explore the future of blockchain technology”. More than 80 investment institutions, financial service providers and government officials from around the world participated in the summit, sharing their experience in how to promote business development and exploring benefits of blockchain technology to businesses and society in the world of great diversity.


During the summit, the former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama as a special guest, met with a Chinese blockchain entrepreneur born in 1998. During the meeting, they had a pleasant talk on blockchain entrepreneurship.

As a co-founder and the chief community officer of CoinBank, Kuai Dong explained to Mr. Yukio Hatoyama the working focus of his team, which is digital banking products appealing to young people.

Kuai Dong said: “Digital banking itself is a new model formed in the new technological tide. It uses new technologies to integrate applications in real-world scenarios. CoinBank uses the cross-border transactions, safety and reliability features of blockchain to serve the new generation of young customers in different manners.”

Mr. Yukio Hatoyama expressed his support for young people in exploring new fields. He was originally a computer programmer and was glad seeing the emergence of significant innovation brought about by new technologies.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama Met with Chinese Generation Z Blockchain Entrepreneur 2 

From the left to the right: Sun Xiaole, founder of Coinka Capital, Cheng Ye, partner of Consensus Capital, Kuai Dong, co-founder of CoinBank, Deng Di, chairperson of Oneness Group, Zhao Chunhui, CEO of Jinglian Culture Media

During the round table discussion in the afternoon, Kuai Dong said to the guests that: “Although digital asset market has undergone a bubble stage, many valuable application models have been developed, such as Stablecoins, STO and digital custody. With the continuous evolution and innovation of the industry, its stability and convenience will be greatly improved, which means a rosy outlook for CoinBank. We have recently entered into strategic partnerships with Circle, Gemini and UKEX. In the future, we will launch more innovative services with our partners, and we will actively communicate with young people to discover, satisfy the needs of young people and meet diversified development needs.”

The combination of innovative application models and youth indicates the direction of future digital banking development, making CoinBank well-positioned for development in the new era. The choice of young people signals the outlook and future of the industry.

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