Optimum Wealth! Jeffrey Stump’s Newly Released Book Is the Ultimate Real Estate Investment Guide!

Waitsfield, VT, USA – Real estate investor Jeffrey Stump has now released his outstanding real estate investment guide for young entrepreneurs, Why Real Estate? An Introduction to Real Estate for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. This riveting book debunks myths and misconceptions about the real estate industry, while providing insider tips on making wealth with real estate. Be it buying a home or investing in a commercial real estate venture, the book touches on every subject and provides crucial insight into the ever-lucrative world of real estate. The author also highlights the subjects of debt, inflation, government policies and much more.

Why Real Estate? An Introduction to Real Estate for Aspiring Entrepreneurs goes beyond commonplace investment concepts and provides a broader spectrum of knowledge to the readers. The author discusses the importance of economical thinking when it comes to the built environment. He advocates young entrepreneurs looking into real estate investing and addresses the lack of young real estate investors. Some of the most prominent pieces of advice include: using debt as a tool for wealth, strategies to gain big by investing big, understanding the most essential real estate concepts, exploring new possibilities and much more. Other than commercial real estate investment, first-time homeowners can also learn vital lessons from this book. The author discusses the process of federal government subsidization that first-time homeowners are often unaware of.

Jeffrey is a speaker, capital raiser and real estate investor with an extreme amount of insider knowledge about the real estate realm. While most of his business consists of facilitating lucrative real estate deals in the Portland, Oregon area, he is also highly proactive about educating people about the benefits of real estate investment. He believes that a built environment designed in a specific way can help people become more productive and live happier lives. He aims to spread this message through his public speaking. He enjoys working with and training like-minded people who wish to use real estate tools for creating a better environment.

Having attended The University of Austin at Texas, Jeffrey holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering. Working on many real estate projects during his career, he found his mission in the world of real estate investment and co-founded Dynamic Real Estate Innovations, LLC with his friend and business partner Jose Arechiga Brambila. He is also a graduate of the Train the Trainer program conducted by Success Resources America.

Jeffrey Stump is available for interviews.

Why Real Estate? An Introduction to Real Estate for Aspiring Entrepreneurs is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L168NTN

About Jeffrey Stump: http://www.dynamicrealestateinnovations.com/jeffrey-stump

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