Aladdin Project Has Made Significant Progress And Gained A Total Amount Of 3 Million Venture Capital

Recently, the new generation of information verification storage systems led by the Aladdin technical team has achieved great progress. It’s used for the research and development of independent chip for open isolated storage protocol. It’s reported that this kind of chip uses physical real stochastic technology to generate private key, and stores user’s data in circuit’s “trusted storage area”, which supports the cold storage of more than 99% of the encrypted digital assets in the current market, and can effectively safekeeping user’s encrypted digital assets. The breakthrough of this technology will effectively solve the problem of user’s loss of encrypted assets, and it is of great significance to further establish of unified identity, for the purpose of speeding up blockchain application landing to provide more secure and convenient technical service support. The project has now been funded by 3 million dollars from Wall Street venture capital agencies.

Currently, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain and so on, are undergoing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and sweeping the world. The digital economy is profoundly changing the way people live and produce, and has become a driving force for the growth of the new economy.

At present, the large-scale application of blockchain technology is not systematically constructed from hardware to software. The understanding and recognition of various applications, foundations and even the blockchain itself are different, resulting in complicated operation of user experience, identity information, asset management. And the loss of assets caused by improper storage and hacking. It greatly limits the development of blockchain technology and the effective integration with the current Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data. The early “password punk” geeks and MIT scholars, through three years of repeated research, concluded that the problem can be solved perfectly through systematic construction and a set of decentralized general protocols. Aladdin was born.

The system consists of open identity authentication protocol, open cold storage protocol, and separate physical chip. Let the user’s identity information be verified by multiple parties, and the asset information can be effectively kept.

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