Electronic Works LLC Introduces Waiver Software & Waiver App As An Easy To Use Electronic Waiver Business Solution

With a speedy signup process, the waiver management system introduced by Electronic Works LLC offers a fast and convenient electronic waiver business solution.

One can now easily sign up, manage and store electronic waivers online on the web or using a simple mobile application. Electronic Works LLC offers this flexibility where a business can sign up unlimited waivers electronically and can store them in a paperless format. The whole process makes searching electronic waivers faster in the online database, and which improves the efficiency of the electronic waiver management.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have designed the Waiver Software, which could be the easiest and safest way to manage and store online liability waivers.  Trusted by many companies, the software could be ideal for a wide variety of business applications, such as playgrounds, kid’s activities, RV rentals, tours, vape smoking dispensaries, tattoo design shops, fitness and yoga centers, beauty salons, and others.  The spokesperson reveals that besides many big and small companies, several young startups also use their waiver management software, and over 30 million waivers have been signed on their platform so far.  Instead of stacks of paper, waivers can now be stored electronically and thus searching and retrieving signed waivers have become quicker and easier.

The company also offers a waiver app, allowing users to sign up and manage all waivers using their mobile devices only. This mobile app is compatible with iPad, Android Phones as well as Amazon Fire.  One can download and install the app onto their mobile device and can start using the device as a dedicated waiver signing station. The spokesperson reveals that this mobile application comes with several astounding features. One can easily set up a device as a waiver kiosk after installing the app onto it.  The app can be used for the storage of the waivers even when there is bad or no internet connection. In case there is no Wi-fi, one can keep collecting waivers locally. And as soon as the connection is restored, one can start uploading signed waivers without any trouble.

The spokesperson reveals that the mobile app and the software have been designed for the modern population that is smart and is more capable of using digital solutions. There are several kinds of exceptional features in the mobile app that will encourage users to leave the traditional paper based waiver storage systems. One can take photos and can attach them to the digital waivers, which can never be possible while using waivers in the paper format.  The mobile app offers more flexibility and freedom when managing and storing signed up waivers. One can customize the look and feel of the splash page on the waiver management app by adding a logo and selecting from a range of different backgrounds.  The electronic waivers are also protected through 256-bit file encryption.

The free trial of the waiver signing app is available for download on the website https://www.waiverelectronic.com.

About Electronic Works LLC

Electronic Works LLC is the best online waiver service that allows streamlining waiver collecting and storage business with their feature-rich electronic waiver application. In just a few minutes, one can convert their existing paper waiver into an electronic waiver and get rid of paper stacks forever using the application.

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