Grand Opening of 2018 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon,Thousands of people climbed to China’s tallest building

Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon, the highest vertical marathon event in the world in 2018, kicked off in the morning of November 25. Juan Antonio Samaranch, vice President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), led to run, with nearly 1,000 runners going to the topping point of Shanghai. In the end, the runner Christian Helmut Riedl from German climbed to the top in 17 minutes and 25 seconds, won the men’s championship. The champion of the women’s group was won by Suzanne Elizabeth Walsham from Australia with a record of 20 Minutes and 34 seconds.

2018 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon, was guided by Shanghai Sports Bureau, hosted by the Shanghai Tower, supported by Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau and many well-known brands, like Li Ning, Go ahead, Linddt, Dolomia, etc., had become the partners. Juan Antonio Samaranch, the current vice President of the International Olympic Committee, had been invited as an image ambassador for this year’s competition, following the authorization of the Towerrunning World Association (TWA) last year; this event was supported by the IOC and certified by the Shanghai Sports Bureau as a 2018 major international and domestic sporting event in Shanghai, which undoubtedly made this year’s event more attractive.

The tallest Vertical Marathon challenged China’s tallest building

The vertical marathon is known as the “King of Urban Sports”. It is a new international popular fitness sport, which is based on the landmark building or buildings. In recent years, international vertical marathons has been held in many places across China, and their challenge and interest has been welcomed by runners. The track of this competition was located in the 127-storey 632-meter Shanghai Tower, the landmark tallest building in China. The end of the race track was located on the 119th floor, with a total of 3,398 steps. It was the world’s highest international vertical marathon and the highest level of professional competition.

Grand Opening of 2018 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon,Thousands of people climbed to China’s tallest building 2

The elite gathered together to view the beauty of Shanghai city.

As a TWA authorized certification event, Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon is rated as the highest level of the event – TWA200, which means the winner can get 200 points of TWA international points. Therefore, many top international vertical marathon racers from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Mexico and so on had signed up for the competition; it also gave the country’s elite runners a great chance to reach the top of the world at the same time. Finally, the runner Christian Helmut Riedl from German climbed to the top in 17 minutes and 25 seconds, winning the men’s championship. The women’s team championship was won by Suzanne Elizabeth Walsham from Australia with record within 20 minutes 34 seconds. Domestic runners were also outstanding, Shi Fanrong and Jian Muhua ranked first among men and women in Chinese runners. It was worth mentioning that the image ambassador of this competition – the current Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, led the race and successfully and completed the race. The contestants experienced the test of 3398 steps, reached the 119th floor of Shanghai Tower by their feet, and overlooked the most beautiful scenery of Shanghai at 552 meters; they suddenly forgot the fatigue,and recorded their success in the top of Shanghai one after another.

With professional guarantee, hit 100-meter high space

In order to ensure that this high-grade and high-level event could be held successfully, especially, in the aspect of the personal safety of the runners, the organizer carefully planned every detailed things from the preparation before the game to the service guarantee on the day of the event.

Before the game, the organizer organized several training camps for vertical marathon and provided professional training services for vertical marathon lovers. In order to ensure the smooth running of this high-grade and high-level event, there were 6 medical points and 11 supply points in the track, and professional emergency personnel and medical team “the first respond” were provided throughout the journey to ensure the safety of the participants. Meanwhile, the organizer recruited a 200-men volunteer team for all the runners and audiences to get the faster and better service.

Grand Opening of 2018 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon,Thousands of people climbed to China’s tallest building 3

Olympic Expo public welfare illuminated the peak of humanity

Shanghai Tower working together with the Shanghai United Foundation public welfare platform transformed the blood sports energy into a warm-hearted public welfare force, which enabled each contestant appeal the people who loved vertical marathon and public welfare to raise the fundraising online for vulnerable youth children from 0-18years old through the “Love to Fully Pave” public funding raising channel. It combined the spirit of courage to challenge oneself without fear of suffering in the competition with the warm, loving, friendly, positive public welfare concept, and sends out the power of love to the whole world.

In addition to the exciting vertical competition, the first Shanghai Olympic Expo was being held in Shanghai Tower. This is the first Olympic Expo held outside Beijing and the first global “Cloud Olympics” exhibition. During the nearly 70-day exhibition period, a series of exhibits related to the Olympic Movement would be exhibited, focusing on various themes such as Olympic cultural heritage, art, and children’s “painting” Olympics, etc., which assisted Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games for tourists and sports enthusiasts to visit and promoted the spread and development of the Olympic Games in China with the help of the cultural landmark of Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China.

The success of two successive international vertical marathons had accumulated valuable experience for the Shanghai Tower to host major international sports events. Adhering to the construction of a green, intelligent and humanistic vertical city, Shanghai Tower would continue to focus on developing city business card-level IP events and more international activities in the future. Be always wonderful as the sport was ceaseless! I look forward to the 2019 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon attracting more athletic climbers loving sports to take part in.

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