Is It True that Children Are Born with OCD?

Raising kids is one of the most challenging jobs that any parent may have. Children are susceptible to so many childhood diseases that are physical. However, most parents don’t expect that their bundle of joy may have a mental condition like OCD.

What Is OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a medical condition that makes children constantly afraid, with unwanted feelings and thoughts. Children become obsessed and cannot stop themselves from thinking things are not right. Kids with OCD worry that they might be sick get hurt or someone might die.

They are anxious whether they have broken a rule or said a bad word. They are constantly worrying about something. They get to a point whereby to relieve their anxiety and obsessions, they engage in compulsions. These children participate in some ritual to make sure things are right, clean or safe. For instance, they would constantly check if a door is locked. They would check and recheck their homework. They would also participate in washing and cleaning to ensure something is extremely clean before they use it, such as a cup. Parents often worry about how to help their children with OCD. So, the big question would be why would a child behave in such a manner? Are they born with OCD or do they acquire it as they grow older?

Is OCD Hereditary?

Scientists are still not clear on what causes the condition. However, research shows that genetic, environmental and physiological factors can cause OCD. The disorder has been discovered to run in families pointing to the fact that genetics play a role in its onset. Research indicates that people with parents or siblings with the condition have a high chance of acquiring it. However, scientists are yet to discover any specific gene that can be attributed to causing the disorder.

Other Suspected Causes of OCD

Biological – The anxiety disorder might develop as a result of non-genetically related changes in the body’s brain functions and chemistry.

Environmental – Experiences and attitudes acquired in a family setting can bring about faulty thought patterns.

Infection – Sometimes OCD is thought to be triggered by an infection that causes the body’s own antibodies to react to the brain.

Emotional Trauma – Some researchers are of the opinion that emotional stress as a result of bereavement or suffering in predisposed people can bring about the onset of OCD.

How Is OCD diagnosed?

In the hospital setting, a patient suspected to have OCD will be referred to a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist. They would probe the parent and the child. The parent would then be asked to fill in questionnaires and checklists to provide more details, and this is one of the ways how to help kids with OCD.

The psychiatrist will use this to make a diagnosis since there is no lab test involved. Psychiatrists advise that anyone who participates in helping kids with OCD to act as normal as possible by not judging, stressing or isolating them. This mental illness is often misunderstood, but with the right information, people can learn to accommodate people suffering from it.

OCD is a mental illness. It should be treated as such. If your child has OCD, you can help them by continuing to love and support them. It’s harder for them than for you, so always be there for them.

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