Ladies & Gentlemen, Mind Your Manners. – “The Quintessential Guide to the Perfect Modern Etiquette”

December 4, 2018 – A person with refined etiquette has the ability to influence others, and hence reduce frustration and barriers of culture. Also this efficacious Etiquette is like a social education and it is a medium to self-improvement with empowerment, learning the good quality points in life.

Mind Your Manners

In today’s world, we are losing our mannerisms, our characteristics, and appropriate behaviours. And this book removes the frustration of which side of the escalator to stand on. It offers simple tips to appropriate manners in every situation, including the business corporate precedence in handling every live situation in a way that takes us from just being women and men to being ladies and gentlemen.

About Siama Qadar

Siama Qadar is a versatile senior management member with over 16 years of experience in the finance, regulatory, and accounting space in London financial services and in Dubai. She is a serial entrepreneur, with a creative innovative side. In addition she is also the Principal Founder for Institute of Modern Etiquette, teaching the finer touches to polish you for eloquence in your business and lifestyle. Furthermore, a master of ceremonies, hosting events around the UAE, from fashion shows, to VVIPs. Her love for all things beautiful, draws her attention to be a passionate blogger and a brand ambassador with a passion for luxury perfumes and princess designer cut couture.  Along with charitable humble honors of being the UN Global Goodwill Ambassadors representing UAE and Founder for a community project Merciful Hands, feeding labour workers and essential necessity gift bag distributions to the needy. Not stopping there, Siama has nominee recognition for Stars of Business Leaders Award – female 2017 and Professional of the Year 2018. Siama is the brand ambassador for Indian Women Startupclub, a regular speaker for women empowerment and finance, taxation and company formation. Siama lectures at Universities and colleges on Hospitality, Etiquette, Entrepreneurship and Business leadership. A Powerhouse, positioning herself, overcoming challenges, driving and encouraging substance in everything she does.

Institute of Modern Etiquette (IOME)

Multiculturalism has always been expediently hailed as one of the UAE’s, and Dubai’s in specific, great strengths. According to reports, 89% of the city’s population are expatriates, of whom 60% are from South Asia and 12% are from Africa, East Asia, and Europe. Being a culturally and socially diverse community, the city immensely poses a specific challenge to its residents – a confusion over the blend of etiquette rules and social manners requested by different cultures.

The diversity in backgrounds, cultures, and customs makes a blended mix of social manners the norm when in living in Dubai. Siama Qadar, founder and CEO of Institute of Modern Etiquette (IOME), a Dubai-based a lifestyle training institute stresses the need of proper Etiquette. Etiquette is the art of showing respect, elegance, social conduct, refined behaviour and elevated mindfulness to oneself, and therefore, to others.  We work on the intelligence from within the heart and radiate the beauty that it poses.

IOME offers courses

There are wide range of courses on elocution, social etiquette, afternoon tea, home management and events hosting, flower arranging, health and fitness, business protocol, business image styling, gentleman and youth / university etiquette, amongst others. The founding principle of IOME is that grace and manners required being part of your personality and your intelligence, and it is for everyone to discover, develop and enhance, not just for the elite and wealthy.

IOME is therefore for whoever wishes to learn and train, identify bad habits, break them and formulate new more gracious habits that IOME can help them develop. Eventually the IOME tag line is ‘Intelligent Beauty’ because your social conduct, customs and manners are an element of your intelligence. It becomes refined, poised and polished when you develop good etiquette skills.

Example of Good Etiquette

In the Middle East, women do not shake hands with men, whereas in Western cultures, they do. An appropriate greeting is for a man to place a hand over his own heart when greeting a woman, and giving a slight nod with his head as a form of acceptance. It is also the most respectful way for a foreigner to greet a Muslim woman.

If you want to inquire about Etiquette features or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact.


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