German LIECTROUX Telemarketing Robot Creates More Benefit For The Enterprises

Five Tigers Generals: Yu Guan, Fei Zhang, Yun Zhao, Chao Ma and Zhong Huang.

This is the traditional story of Chinese classical culture, which has been told and spread for nearly a thousand years.

What will the future society be like? Various sci-fi movies and science fiction have already begun the imagination for us. Artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere in the future human society. Various types of intelligent robots such as babysitting robots, cooking robots, and medical robots are widely applied in various industries, which greatly improves people’s standard of living and endows people a more refined quality of life.

The manual telemarketing personnel make hundreds of calls every day so it is difficult for them to keep working in enthusiasm for a long time. Especially when encountering some bad conversation situations, it is often inevitable that there will be mood fluctuations and therefore affecting their work. Moreover, manual recording is prone to causing problems such as error and confusion, not timely follow up, information missing and repeated deals etc. And those problems will result in decrease of work quality and work efficiency, thereby causing losses to the enterprises. Therefore, the telemarketing industry has promoted the birth of telemarketing robot due to the limitations of manual work.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute enjoys worldwide reputation. It has always been at the forefront of the development of intelligent robots. The telemarketing robots have become the “darlings” that major enterprises are rushing to introduce.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute specially adds the human-like design when designing this telemarketing robot, that is, the robot highly simulates various characteristics such as human thinking and expression, but it will not show any negative mood to customers. Therefore it will make customers feel that they are talking to a very kind human being rather than a cold, unfeeling machine. Human-like design makes customers more willing to talk with the robot, which promotes the smooth running of conversations and improves the conversion rate of intent customers. This telemarketing robot is also equipped with core technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding, intelligent response, data analysis and classification etc,. It can intelligently select from a large number of customers and select out possible intent customers and classify them, which facilitates the secondary follow-up work of manual telemarketing salesman. Thus the turnover rate has been greatly improved. In addition, the robot will not feel tired, it can work for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day without break. Its work efficiency is very high. It can make 1200 calls or more in a day. And it will not make mistakes, not be influenced by external interference, not be impatient, not complaint about overtime, not have mood fluctuations. This telemarketing robot greatly saves the cost of business operations and brings more benefit to the enterprises.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been adhering to the rigorous and meticulous military quality of Germany. The intelligent robots developed by it have not only powerful functions, beautiful appearance, but also excellent quality and they are very popular in the world. Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has solved indoor cleaning problems for the majority of families. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute adopts laser navigation technology to realize 360-degree omnidirectional scanning of LDS laser radar, 20 Hz adaptive scanning frequency and 4000 times laser ranging per second.

Combined with its self-developed SLAM algorithm, it is able to survey and draw accurate family maps. Secondly, it adopts the zigzag cleaning mode. It will clean according to the planned clean path so that it does clean randomly and collide, and achieve the cleaning work without missing and dead ends. In addition, it has strong ability of getting out of the troubles. When encountering wires or other debris, the machine will intelligently adjust the speed of side brushes to escape the winding in a short time. This robot vacuum cleaner has set off a wave of purchasing in the global smart home appliance market due to its excellent performance and stable quality, which has won the unanimous approval and trust of consumers.

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