Saving The Planet, Four Paws At A Time: TofuKitty Club Introduces Eco-Friendly Soy-Based Cat Litter

A cat litter that is earth-friendly, easier to use, instantly clumping, easily flushed away, with absolutely zero dust and tracking, and arriving at cat owners’ door hassle-free each month? Sounds like what some might call “a unicorn”, but it is, indeed now a reality, thanks to the ingenuity of Ms. Molly Anderson, an environmental ecologist with a vision to help reduce cat litter waste by creating a product that is both safe for cats and owners and gentle on the planet. Her brainchild, the TofuKitty Club, is a groundbreaking soy-based cat litter that is so easy to use that its slogan is “scoop, flush, and done!”

In addition to its simplifying the process of cleaning and maintaining a neat cat litter box, what makes the TofuKitty Club stand out is the fact that it is a safe alternative to clay and crystal litters, seeing that it’s free of harmful chemicals, clumping agents and other harsh chemical compounds that have been linked to cancer and other diseases. What’s more, its soy content helps reduce greenhouse gasses, as well as prevent the 180,000 dump trucks worth of clay and crystal litter that end up in a landfill each year through its natural carbon dioxide binding properties, which result in its percentage being effectively reduced in the atmosphere.

However, what is the greatest testament to TofuKitty Club’s success is its seal of cat approval, as kitty owners report that their purring friends “love using it”. Cats’ clear preference towards TofuKitty Club can be justified, according to Ms. Anderson, by the fact that its soft on paws, easy to dig in, and that it also locks away moisture – meaning that it produces less odor and less mess, two factors that are the recipe for a happier kitty.

“I’m excited to be helping cat owners all over make their lives easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly!” said Ms. Anderson. “The TofuKitty Club community is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s heartwarming to see how this eco-friendly kitty litter is gaining traction among cat owners across the nation. All it takes is one TofuKitty Club bag per month for each cat to help reduce cat owners’ environmental footprint – such a small change can make a huge difference for our planet’s future, and that of next generations!”

Those interested in subscribing to the TofuKitty Club, which arranges for monthly delivery of TofuKitty Club kitty litter bags in quantities corresponding to the size of one’s kitty family, can do so through here. All TofuKitty Club subscriptions come with free shipping.

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