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The medical data is a global concern. It is a well-known problem in the industry that medical data is currently not used efficiently nor effectively due to fragmented information created. It is the current status of data in the global medical industry that the users have to bear the consequences of uncirculated medical data because they couldn’t access to patients’ medical information due to privacy concerns. Therefore, how to improve and provide a safe environment for the medical industry to give full play to the value of medical data is what we dedicate to pushing forward.

With the technical progress, blockchain and smart contract technology have brought new perspectives and ideas to solve the problem of trusted exchange, assetization, and effective sharing of medical data, enabling safe and efficient interconnection among resources and data. The blockchain establishes an objective and tamper-resistant medical data usage tracking and control mechanism from a technical level and builds up medical data usage credit and medical knowledge flow platforms. Meanwhile, it can promote the medical knowledge flow and sharing and narrow the service level gap among regions through smart contract. The new generation of information technology triggers a new round of human pursuit of health and well-being, which will become the second information technology revolution in the medical field.

“Blockchain + Medical” which will escort the data security circulation in medical industry with blockchain technology. The LEBEN platform focuses on solving the pain points of medical data trusted exchange, medical data sharing, visualized medical knowledge exchange, and visualized medical knowledge sharing. It also removes the barriers of data sharing among various medical institutions. This will achieve secure exchange, compensated sharing, and controllable transmission of medical data on a global scale.

LEBEN organically integrates medical industry knowledge, physician’s professional medical experience, disease diagnosis, and treatment processes into a visualized smart contract with semantic information to support diagnostic decisions for other physicians and medical institutions. This greatly facilitates the flow and dissemination of medical big data and medical knowledge, infinitely magnifies the value of medical data, and solves the imbalance of medical resource distribution in the world.

It cannot stop us from exploring the future due to the technical difficulties. We are looking forward to that the blockchain technology will play a significant part in the development of medical industry. And through the “LEBEN” platform which combining blockchain, artificial intelligence and knowledge computing, we found that, there are still existing many health problems which we can’t overcome nowadays, but it won’t last forever.

LEBEN is a global collaboration platform for smart contracts in the medical industry, which characterized by “medical knowledge deep sharing” and “medical data trusted exchange”. It integrates medical artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

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