The Correct Way to Make Money in Bear Market – Leverage Trading

In the past November, the cryptocurrency market has lost more than $65 billion market capitalization, and mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets have also experienced significant plunge from 10% to 50%.

Investors who bought with a high price suffered a great loss, but there’s no need to be overanxious because of the BTC price drop from $20,000 at the beginning of the year to the current $4,000, which was not the worst in the history of Bitcoin, and there were at least 4 times worse than this drop.

If you still believe in Bitcoin, then not leaving the table is the best strategy. In fact, there are still many investors who earned a lot in the bear market, but why you are not included, because you didn’t master the correct method.

The leverage trading recently launched by ExShell is a financial product that can take you through the bullish and bearish markets, and can be profitable whether in bear market or bull market.

Leverage trading is an indispensable financial tool in financial markets. Archimedes can use leverage to move the earth. You can also use leverage to make money in bear market. The leverage trading of ExShell is that users mortgage the digital assets on the platform, borrow the digital assets, perform long or short operations, and in this way to use small funds to incite large funds to earn more profits. The leverage trading of ExShell supports up to 3 times leverage, which means that the trade can be magnified 3 times and so is the profit.

Let’s talk about why you will lose money in bear market? We all know that spot trading is based on the rise in the price of the coin to achieve profit, so when the market is bearish, investors can only look for opportunities in a short-term rebound, which is commonly known as bargain-hunting. However, the bottom of bear market is unpredictable, and investors usually buy the bottom at a high price. Sometimes they will lose their capitals. Therefore, the bear market is basically not profitable.But if you use leverage trading of ExShell to make short selling and get profits in bear market. You can imagine how easy it is to earn profits like that.

Let’s make an example to make the whole logic clearer and more intuitive. Take the BTC/USDT trading pair as an example. Let’s suppose we have 1 BTC in hand. The current price is 4000USDT. When we judge that the BTC price is about to fall, we can mortgage 1 BTC, then borrow 2 BTC, and then sell 3 BTC at that current price, so we can get 12,000 USDT. Assuming BTC falls to 3000 USDT, we buy back 4 BTC with 12,000 USDT in hand, return 2 BTC and still have 2 BTC remaining, and earn 1 BTC. This can be done by selling high and buying low to earn profits.

In the same way, you can loan coins to make it big in leverage trading, 3 times leverage will get 3 times profits.

There are more than 10,000 global cryptocurrency exchanges, but only a handful of exchanges can operate leverage trading. ExShell introduces up to 3 times leverage trading, and has a professional risk management mechanism to protect the users’ asset security. What’s more, the overall security of ExShell is very distinctive, such as the establishment of Silicon Valley security laboratory, the use of one-way transmission shutters, encrypted QR code and other trading technologies, and its financial security protection system has reached the national financial security protection level.

Besides security, the financial capability of ExShell is also very excellent, taking its role as the promoter for the evolution of traditional finance to digital finance. The launch of leverage trading in only one month shows the financial product design and service capabilities of ExShell. Before the leverage was launched, ExShell also launched another digital asset financial product ShellBel, which is characterized by deposit and withdraw at any time, 0 handling fee, up to 36% annualized return, is also outstanding in the entire industry.

Of course, there are 10 times and 20 times contract trading in the industry, but we should be cautious to this kind of trading. Contract trading above 10 times requires very high operational capability, and a momentary oversight will make you lose all, which is too risky for ordinary investors. Compared with that, we recommend 3 times leverage trading, which is more fault-tolerant and more suitable for mass investors. Buy at bull market and sell in bear market, the leverage trading of ExShell is a fabulous guide for you to walk through the bull and bear markets.




The Correct Way to Make Money in Bear Market – Leverage Trading 2

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