German LIECTROUX Bank Staff Robot Debuted In The 2018 Global Robotics Conference Powerful Performance Shows Great Value

In the book A Brief History of the Future, the author paints a scene for people: “Artificial intelligence knows you from the day you were born, read all your emails, listened to all your phone recordings and knew your favorite movie…” With the rapid development of intelligent technology, intelligent robots have penetrated into every aspect of people’s daily life. Various intelligent robots such as wheelchair robots, welcome robots, and babysitter robots have emerged. Intelligent robots have been competent in more and more complicated work and provide better service to human society.

Many innovative and powerful robots debuted in the 2018 Global Robotics Conference. Among all the intelligent robots, there is one intelligent robot became the focus of the conference – German LIECTROUX bank staff robot.


This bank staff robot looks cute and gives a very kind and lovely feeling to bank clients. Its brain stores extremely rich human language corpus and the language corpus can be constantly updated in real time. So it can handle well in language recognition, semantic understanding and human-computer interaction. When a bank client comes to the banking business, the robot will immediately greet him/her, communicate directly with him/her, and guide him/her according to his/her needs. When he/she encounters problems during the operations, the robot will also promptly and patiently help him/her to solve problems. This bank staff robot greatly facilitates the simplification and fluency of the operating procedures. It not only reduces the burden on the bank staff, improves the work efficiency, but also facilitates the bank clients and greatly enhances the customer service experience. In addition, the occurrence of network fraud cases are high. Criminals use various communication channels such as telephone, SMS, Wechat, etc., through intimidation and deception and then ask customers to carry out various operations such as bank transfer and remittance. Bank staff robot can identify, monitor and feedback bank clients’ suspicious large-value remittance, bank card theft or financial fraud and other risky operations. And it will timely notify the customer to avoid the customer being deceived and causing losses.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been adhering to the meticulous quality of German military industry and has developed a large number of intelligent robots that are widely used in people’s daily lives. Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by it is popular all over the world and is the “new darling” of the global smart home appliance market. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts its self-developed laser ranging navigation system, coupled with the SLAM intelligent artificial algorithm, it can quickly construct maps, determine obstacle positions and plan cleaning routes. In addition to laser ranging navigation, it has many other advantages.

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 500ml super large water tank which can conduct automatic water seepage and water storage. And it can supply water continuously for 90 minutes so it is able to meet the cleaning need of large-sized houses. The three gold-distributed drainage holes at the bottom of the water tank can accurately control the water seepage rate to achieve even wet mopping. In addition, it can easily get out of trouble by adjusting the speed of the side brushes when it encounters the winding wires or other debris. Its ability to get out of troubles is first-class in the robot vacuum cleaner industry. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been snapped up by customers and gained praise from consumers around the world for its ultra high performance and stable quality.

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