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Despite the plunge of cryptocurrencies in recent weeks, ExShell is still preparing for the promotion of ET trading, Shellbal, leveraged trading and other services. ExShell is the world’s first digital financial exchange. As the promoter of the evolution of “traditional finance to digital finance”, it adheres to the principle of fairness and justice and provides safe, stable, efficient and transparent digital financial services to global value investors.


In order to promote the development of global industry, ExShell is now openly recruiting high-quality projects to the world, aiming to gather real potential blockchain projects in the world, and grow together with these projects to achieve a win-win situation.

The industry is chaotic, and the exchange holds the “life and death power.” The listing fee of projects range from a few million to tens of millions. The premium projects were killed in the cradle because they did not have enough funds to pay this. In the face of huge amounts of listing fee, the project party can only invest a lot of money, and even do some “social relationship deals”. The projects spent too much manpower, financial resources are others on this link. The industry’s ethos has been harmed and turns out that you can list you coin if you have lots of money.

For the project side, ExShell adheres the policy of zero listing fee. The zero-listing fee policy has saved a large amount of capital investment for the project side, project side will use more funds to return to investors, and support for later project operations. When the fee is exempted, there will be many premium projects entering ExShell. So are the investors. With the rapid development of ExShell, the project side will enjoy more bonuses, and the exemption of the listing fee is just an “appetizing dessert” before the big meal.

ExShell is the world’s leading digital financial exchange, creating a new trading model, targeting the business models and financial products of the world’s top five financial exchanges. In the future, it will cooperate with tens of thousands of top investment institutions around the world. ExShell will publish business reports and financial reports regularly, providing a full range of digital financial investment services to institutional users worldwide.

With its own strength, ExShell has obtained more than ten top investment institutions such as Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, and Crypto Capital and well-known investors, with an investment amount of tens of millions of RMB.

Five core advantages of ExShell to help project side achieve a win-win.

1. World leading security technologies

ExShell has the world’s top security team, with security laboratory set up in Silicon Valley, using one-way transmission shutter, encrypted QR code and other trading technologies, and its financial security protection system has achieved national financial security protection level. Projects don’t need to worry about project party’s financial security.

2. Efficient financial trading system

ExShell has developed an efficient financial transaction system, with more than one million efficient integration systems per second, unlimited horizontal scalability, based on real-time processing capabilities of in-memory databases, providing the best trading experience at any time; The analytical capabilities of big data systems like Hadoop, Elastic Search, etc. can fully guarantee real-time risk control and exchange business decisions. Thereby enhancing user stickiness and retaining more quality investors to the project side.

3. The world’s top elite team

The core management team of ExShell is from well-known companies such as Wall Street, Silicon Valley, London Stock Exchange, HKEx, IBM, BAT, Thomson Reuters and Huobi. ExShell not only has the blood of traditional financial exchanges, but also has the experience of digital financial exchange management, the team is very powerful and strong.

4. Weak centralized management model

ExShell is invested by dozens of well-known investment institutions around the world and hundreds of communities, and participates in core business decisions as a shareholder of ExShell. ExShell holds a global shareholder meeting every quarter, the core management team has 20% decision-making right, and the privileged shareholder, global community shareholder and blockchain governance committee have 80% decision-making right.

5. A great variety of financial products

ExShell has developed a wealth of financial products, including spot trading, fiat trading, Shellbal, institutional accounts, quantitative clouds, futures contracts, multiple leverage, index, data services, digital asset lending, digital asset financing etc. to meet the various demands of investors.

ET (ExShell Token) was just launched on ExShell, with the highest increase of 63.70%. Recently, ExShell will also launch the leveraged products PC client.

The zero-handling fee is the first step of the sincerity of ExShell, and ExShell will gradually improve the rules of listing coins, the review process and other rules. The projects that already launched will also be strictly controlled and screened to provide the project party with an open, fair and transparent operating environment.

The exchange bears the heavy responsibility of the development of the industry. Only by meticulously fulfilling its core functions and complying with the good norms of the industry can we better promote the healthy development of itself and the industry.

ExShell will list 15 high-quality projects for free around the world in the first phase. Welcome high-quality projects to contact with us.

Business contact: 18611527575 (Same WeChat number)

Website: www.exshell.com

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ExShell_Global

Telegram: https://t.me/ExShellGlobalCommunity

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ExShellOfficial/

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