Morrisey Video Production Releases List of the Most Beautiful Spots on the Oregon Coast 1

Portland, Oregon – Morrisey Video Production takes readers on a charming adventure from the Astoria-Megler Bridge to the Samuel Boardman Scenic area to explore breathtaking, picture-perfect spots. Seth Morrisey writes describes the Coast of Oregon as a great place to shoot landscapes. Thanks to the stunning pictures included with a vivid description of each location, it’s safe to take Morrisey’s word. 

This enchanting article takes readers to shipwrecks and bridges. It ventures to lighthouses and rocky cliffs. One of the featured locations is Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach. As one of the most photographed locations and one of the largest intertidal sea stacks, it has earned its rightful place in Morrisey’s top 12. 

Among the list is the Cape Perpetua Marine Garden. Noted for its famous attraction, Thor’s Well, Morrisey describes images taken here as “magical.” A stunning picture of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck also graced the list. This ship hit the shore in 1906 and has become a classic photo spot over time. (Picture below)


Morrisey refers to the Oswald West State Park as a “crown jewel of the Oregon Coast.” Just of off Highway 101, this gorgeous spot has ample parking to accommodate all who venture to see its wonder. Morrisey details that midday and sunset offer the best lighting to shoot the glory of this park. 

Morrisey Video Production Releases List of the Most Beautiful Spots on the Oregon Coast 2

Cape Kiwanda is also included on this list. Morrisey explains that Cape Kiwanda is stunning. It’s hard to find a prettier place to shoot photos. Many photographers clamor to this location, in search of the perfect shot, and a parking spot. See more amazing videos of Cape Kiwanda on their Facebook Page:

For photographers interested in structures, Morrisey included several lighthouses and bridges that dot the Oregon Coast. Among the lighthouses on the list are the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and the Hecta Head Lighthouse. The Hecta Lighthouse is best photographed at sunset and is one of the 12 scenic lighthouses on the coast of Oregon. 

Morrisey describes the best photo-taking practices while at the Yaquina Lighthouse. He explains that the lighthouse is best captured at sunset. If you want to shoot the Yaquina Bay Bridge, arrive early in the morning. 

Speaking of bridges, Morrisey includes both the Yaquina Bay Bridge and the Astoria-Megler Bridge as two of the most stunning photography spots on Oregon’s Coast. Morrisey states that the Astoria-Megler Bridge is the first stop on the journey down Oregon’s coast and can be shot at either sunrise or sunset. Driving down through Newport, the Yaquina Bay Bridge reveals her beauty in the early golden rays of sunrise. 

Since 1967, the 364 miles of stunning Oregon coastline has been open to the public. Photographers travel the coast, down into the more rugged, southern parts to capture these magnificent shots that can’t be taken anywhere else. Early risers and sunset chasers alike can equally enjoy this list of stunning photography locations along Oregon’s gorgeous coast. 

Not only does Morrisey provide useful information to photographers, but he also takes readers on a journey through vivid words with stunning pictures to accompany them.

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