German LIECTROUX Library Staff Robot Enables Artificial Intelligence To Enter Into Libraries 1

Human society has entered the era of “Artificial Intelligence”. Nowadays, various robots with different functions have gradually entered people’s lives and brought a lot of convenience and fun to people’s lives. The emerge and application of library staff robots promoted the transformation of traditional libraries to modern libraries. German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always earned good reputation in the development of intelligent robots. The library staff robot developed by it possesses powerful functions, which greatly promotes the transformation and upgrading of the libraries to intelligence.

This library staff robot is cute and favorable. Its head, which is its sensing area is able to automatically enter into working mode when it senses human fingerprint. So readers can make it is start working mode just by gently touching its head. Its powerful functions include voice consultation, borrowing and returning book guidance, scanning code to find books, security inspections and other services. Readers can ask questions about the opening time and closing time of libraries and whether it is necessary to make a certificate in order to borrow a book, what need to pay attention to when borrowing a book and where the toilets are, etc,. If the readers can’t find the book they need, they can also ask the robot.

The robot will automatically navigate and take the user to quickly find the location of the desired book. If someone shouts loudly in the library or makes noise, which affects the order of the library, the robot will promptly remind the reader. If the reader still not correct the inappropriate behavior after the robot has reminded he/her of three times, then the robot will inform the library administrators to solve the problem. At the same time, the robot also undertakes the task of security inspection of libraries. Once it discovers dangerous situations such as fire, it will promptly notify the library administrators to handle and promptly report to the police. In addition, the robot also has the function of purifying air. It is equipped with a high-efficiency filter, which can effectively remove fine dust and smoke in the air and release high-concentration negative ions to purify the air. Further, it has antibacterial and anti-mold effect.

In addition to the functions described above, the library staff robot has many other functions such as presentation and propaganda, 24-hour mobile monitoring and intelligent human-computer interaction. It not only reduces the workload of library administrators but also provides better service for the readers.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute adheres to the fine military quality of Germany. The intelligent robots with different functions developed by it have entered into thousands of households, which greatly improves people’s quality of life. (You can view the website: or Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute adopts laser navigation ranging system to record the movement path of the machine in space by multi-point ranging. It is equipped with a laser navigation sensor and ranging technology as well as the SLAM artificial intelligence algorithm to draw accurate spatial interior images and cope with the various terrain environments of the family.

In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner has many other advantages, especially its cleaning route and motor. It uses zigzag cleaning route to achieve  more reasonable path planning, higher coverage rate and more thorough cleaning. Moreover, it is equipped with a digital variable frequency brushless motor with a speed of 24000RPM/MIN and an air volume of up to 26CMF/cm3. It can exert super strong wind of up to 3000Pa and let the dust has not nowhere to run. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner was immediately favored by consumers for its excellent performance and stable quality.

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