December 17, 2018 – Death begins in the colon  just as the path to good health lie in a healthy colon. A good colon cleanse can help jumpstart your weight loss, boost energy, lower blood pressure and correct many health conditions. Consider using colon cleanse supplements to keep your body healthy and fit.

Recently Osanyin released their ultimate colon cleansing supplement which is also ideal for weight loss. ATUNBI is a colon cleanser and complete systemic cleanser derived from three different products. ATUNBI removes toxins, parasites, harmful bacteria, built up waste-impacted faeces, fungi; accumulated mucous (mucous plaque), worms and dead cellular tissues from the colon wall, Liver and Kidney.

If you are contemplating a colon cleanses then ATUNBI is one of the fastest and most effective choices out there. Aside from removing toxic waste from your body, ATUNBI can completely detoxify the whole body system including the kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas and blood within 24 hours.

ATUBI is the number one choice for those suffering from chronic constipation as it provides relief within twelve hours and the effects are long lasting.

Atunbi is formulated to have very little or no negative impact on healthy bacteria, however it is advisable to boost up on probiotic after any colon cleanse especially intensive ones like ATUNBI.

If you have highly sensitive intestines and you want a natural method for colon cleansing then try using herbal based ATUNYO which is made from the same formula as ATUNBI but is much gentler on the intestines.

Additionally benefits of ATUNBI on customer based reviews include relief, reversal or help with Arthritis, Addictions, and cravings, respiratory problems, Blood clots, High blood pressure, Bloated/Stomach pain, Bad smelling farts, Weight problems, Haemorrhoid’s (Piles), Depression, Constant tiredness, lack of energy, Headaches, Low back pain, Mood swings, Irritability, Leg pains, bladder infections, Lack of mental clarity and forgetfulness, Nervousness, Blood sugar imbalances, Bad Breath, Body odour, Skin problems etc.


At Osanyin herbs are totally committed to blending natural supplements that bring good health, wellness of being and sustainability for the environment. We only use 100% natural herbs with no chemical additives, enhancers, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We have never tested nor would we ever test on animals.

All Osanyin Herbs products are made and packaged in our own facility, under conditions that surpass the most stringent global regulations.

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