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Bristol, UK – The technology in automobiles has become highly complex over recent years. Manufacturers are producing more advanced cars. These automobiles are controlled through advanced electronic systems, which power every aspect of the car. The efforts to convert to these vehicles are meant to reduce harmful emissions. However, the complexity of these systems has caused a need for more advanced diagnostic tools. This is where the services that DTM Diesel & Petrol Specialists Ltd offers come in.

DTM are a Bristol-based auto repair company with a focus on the diagnostic side of repairs. They offer some of the latest innovations in injector testing and repair, vehicle diagnostics, and diesel fuel pump repair and testing. They do this all by utilizing stage three injector repairs.

The company is a team of highly qualified and fully trained technicians. With all of their experience combined, they have over 250 years of expertise. They also boast that they’re backed up by leading fuel system manufacturers. They have names such as DENSO, DELPHI, STANADYNE, and BOSCH offering them technical support. DTM ensures their clients that these names help them offer the best available service in the industry. Those looking for repair of pumps and injectors in the Bristol area can learn more about what the company has to offer at .

The high-pressure diesel injection systems of modern times have greatly increased the need for them in the past few years. While the repair and diagnosis of diesel injectors and fuel pumps have become more popular, they’ve also become more sophisticated. DTM’s services to repair fuel injection pumps strives to keep up with the innovations. They use the modern diesel systems required to repair fuel pumps and test equipment and high precision parts, which can be seen at

The company now has the capability to service vehicles such as Ford, Renault, Jaguar, and others. They fit them with Delphi common rail injectors, offering a 1-year warranty. DTM guarantees being able to perform servicing and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles as well as testing and repairs of vehicles. 

With new innovations to the automobile landscape, finding specialists who can help diagnose issues effectively can be hard. DTM is striving to be a premier source of repair of pumps and injectors with contemporary diagnostic technology for Bristol residents.

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