The JVI roadshow was a complete success, and it blew the horn that cast the Asia-Pacific market with strong power 1

The roadshow of the world-leading economic and financial training center Joint Vienna Institute in Shanxi, China, was successfully concluded. The Joint Vienna Institute not only blew the horn of the Asia-Pacific market, but also will join ASEA to bring unique ideas and research results to the Asia-Pacific region through this roadshow.

The road show achieved a complete success.

As the world’s prestigious economic and financial training center, every event of the Joint Vienna Institute (hereinafter referred to as JVI) attracts industry attention. In 2018, the “ETF Technology Innovation Summit – Joint Vienna Institute-ETF Wisdom-created Future Technology Summit” in Shanxi was held in a grand ceremony. Many JVI executives attended the road show, attracting a large number of famous people from the global economy and financial circles to help out. The mainstream media was also present to give live coverage.

The roadshow activities focus on “scientific and technological innovation” and look forward to the impact of smart technology on modern society and future life. The JVI Chief Advisor Instructor also gave a speech at the scene, sharing his views on the current global economic situation and the impact of technology on the global economy, and interacting with the guests and audience. The atmosphere of the whole roadshow which received wide attention from peers was warm.

JVI: From regionalization to globalization

It is reported that JVI has made sufficient preparations for this roadshow event, and its successful signing indicates that JVI has gradually moved from a regional training center to globalization.

Anyone who knows all about economic and financial training will know that JVI is a well-known training institution which is dominated by Austrian government departments such as the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Oesterreichische National Bank, and composed by the international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund in Europe. Founded in 1992, JVI has a history of nearly 30 years and provides professional training to public sector officials from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asian countries.

JVI’s training is highly professional, and its seminars and workshops are distinctive, which are involving macroeconomics, monetary, financial, law and other fields and covering topics such as macroeconomic policy formulation and management, monetary policy and exchange rate system. JVI’s unique teaching philosophy and advanced research results have always been the guarantee of its core competitiveness, and also establish the foundation for JVI’s internationalization.

According to the JVI director, going international is the JVI’s self-breakthrough approach and the only way for the institute to maintain its leading position in the industry. And JVI’s strategic step toward internationalization is to fully enter the Asia-Pacific market.

The JVI roadshow was a complete success, and it blew the horn that cast the Asia-Pacific market with strong power 2

Open the door to the Asia Pacific market

In recent years, the Asia-Pacific region, represented by China, has experienced rapid economic growth and has become an important engine for global economic growth. Under the prosperous economic situation, the demand for expertise in the fields of finance, economy, policy, and law has risen, so the entire Asia-Pacific market has opened its doors for JVI.

It is reported that JVI attaches great importance to the Asia-Pacific market and is fully prepared in order to enter the door of the Asia-Pacific market. Taking this roadshow as a guide, JVI has developed a sound development strategy. Next, JVI will work with ASEA, the Asia Pacific’s leading partner, to enhance the region’s advocacy and service capabilities.

ASEA is a well-known financial service company in the Asia-Pacific region. This cooperation with JVI can be described as a strong cooperation. For the arrival of JVI, the Asia-Pacific region has been very friendly and salutatory. What kind of service JVI’s philosophy and expertise can bring to the Asia-Pacific market is worth looking forward to.

The JVI roadshow was a complete success, and it blew the horn that cast the Asia-Pacific market with strong power 3

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