Singapore ‘GP’ Coin launches CTM, coin to mobile coupon service with over 40 Korean top brands 1

During the early days, crypto coins were considered a simple investment, however, in recent times, they are acknowledged as an effective and utilized currency in the world. GP Coin, a Singapore based cryptocurrency have launched a linkage service in collaboration with various Korean companies to provide customers the ability to purchase products from several top brands from Korea.

Singapore GP Investment and Consultant have recently launched CTM service linking GP coin to Korean mobile coupons on December 20th. These coupons can be used in fast food and family restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and major malls across Korea. This will expand the use cases of GP coin by enabling the users to purchase a variety of product and services from the top Korean brands. GP plans to increase the number of Korean brands further so that GP Coin can be treated the same as cash.

Singapore ‘GP’ Coin launches CTM, coin to mobile coupon service with over 40 Korean top brands 2

The GPC platform is a robust coin trading platform that offers a complete solution for coins and ensures a stable business investment, regardless of the fluctuating price of the coin. It is a decentralized ecosystem that is composed of services like ABT solution that buys coins for a particular amount of time through bots and transfers them to the major exchanges for achieving profits from selling. The users of this platform are also informed of the quantity and discount rate for the coin they want to sell. It also provides the GPC-Pay system that enables the users to purchase products from the store using the GPC coin, without paying any merchant fee. In addition, the GPC platform publishes mobile coupons that can be used as a payment method across the country.

GP Investment and Consultant is also planning to open CTM in the US, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam depending on the country’s amount sales of Wallet and Coin. Furthermore, the platform can immediately respond to any kind of system failure through a 24/7 monitoring system. More information about the services can be found at GPC coin’s official website. 

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