It’s Booming: Baby Boomers To Make “Unprecedented” Contribution In Travel Industry 2019

For baby boomers, it’s their time to shine – on both a national and international level. The reason? None other than their turning out, en masse, to the web, combing through thousands of travel offers. Perhaps for the first time in their adult lives, boomers want to travel – and they can’t wait to do so.

Commenting on the notable surge in bookings by those in their mid-50s and up to the age of 70, Ms. Marilyn P., Owner of Baby Boomer Beach Bum Travel, said that “This recent trend coincides with baby boomers entering the “empty nester” phase, and they have suddenly found themselves with ample free time to do things they have likely forwent during the years they spent raising their children.”

“While, traditionally, this particular segment of the population was not known for their love of traveling, in recent years, things have appeared to change. With online booking at their fingertips, and a wide variety of travel packages to suit any budget, baby boomers seem to have adopted a different perspective with regards to travel. What used to be considered a luxury is now a retirement-friendly activity that promises to fill baby boomers’ golden years with adventures that they feel are well-deserved after years of hard work and dedication to providing the best for their kids.”

“We at Baby Boomer Beach Bum Travel cater specifically to baby boomers’ travel needs, giving them the opportunity to travel to both domestic and international destinations – either by sea, land or air – at unbeatable prices. We take care of all reservations and take the burden of travel planning off their shoulders, allowing them to enjoy their trips the way they deserve. At Baby Boomer Beach Bum Travel, there is a travel package waiting for every baby boomer itching with wanderlust – and we can’t wait to help them make their dreams of traveling the world become a reality!”

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