Lawrence Samantha is All Set to Disrupt the Cryptomining Space with Honest Mining

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom,” said Thomas Jefferson, and rightly so. The wisest decision that one can make is to place honesty as the cornerstone in business. Believing in the same, Lawrence Samantha has ventured to create a platform where cryptocurrency mining is made accessible to anyone who is interested.

Believing that honesty is gained through transparency, Lawrence has pioneered to design an ecosystem where anyone can join a masternode by eliminating the roadblocks of limited knowledge, technical skills, financial resources, and infrastructure. With the name ‘Honest Mining,’ the platform offers 360-degree access to the mining economy.

“As an engineer at heart who loves technology and venture building, the blockchain technology appealed to me immediately once I got to know about it. Having been involved in cryptocurrency mining since 2011, I have seen the space closely and understand the problems that need to be solved if the industry is to keep evolving,” shared Lawrence, CEO and Co-founder of Honest Mining.

Offering PoS mining and cryptocurrency, honest Mining is incredibly automated and has a secure staking pool, requiring extremely low commitment. The reward system is efficient and fair as miners never lose out on their collateral.

Even when the cryptomining industry is projected to hit at least $38 billion by 2025, it continues to lack awareness, information, requisite skills, and proper resources. Amid such confusion, there is additional noise with masternodes running on over 360 blockchains with varied staking and rewarding rules.

To remove all these hurdles and for offering a fully transparent or ‘honest’ crypto mining ecosystem, Honest Mining allows the users to join a masternode with utmost ease. All a user needs to do is to transfer the desired crypto coins to the Honest Mining wallet, and the staking gets taken care of without using any time or resources from the user.

Further, this platform enables its users to be eligible for awards instantly. With a unique provision of an ‘instant masternode,’ users can start immediately and earn instantly. Being based on the blockchain technology lets Honest Mining leverage a quick and transparent reward system. These rewards get distributed as quickly as the masternodes receive them.

This next-gen cloud mining platform for POS-based cryptocurrencies is emerging as a revolution in the space of crypto mining. By utilizing the best features of blockchain, it’s creating a market that will be accessible to all with the fairest and just mechanisms. The project is about to launch soon and has been receiving a great response in terms of registrations.

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