FamilyGenealogy.Online Launches Tools and Resources for Exploring Family Trees and History

Ancestral roots define our sense of who we are, though we hardly realize their importance, lost as we are in a busy lifestyle. FamilyGenealogy.Online is a new resource where anyone can find out who their ancestors were and get hold of select resources to dig into their family tree and journey over the centuries and across continents.

Kids are most fascinated by the tales their grandparents tell about the days gone by, and ancestral genealogy forms an essential part of these stories. Lisa P., the founder of FamilyGenealogy.Online, remembers keeping a family history book where she recorded her grandmothers’ stories. She has passed on these records to her children as a gift that they will treasure forever and pass on further.

With FamilyGenealogy.Online tools easily available, the hard work of digging into the past has become much easier. “It does not take specialized skills to explore one’s family tree, though expert help can make a great difference, since there are always others who know more about our families,” says Lisa P.

The simplest and first step to take is to ask the elders. Documenting the details in a book is advisable, where one can draw a basic family tree to begin with, and past old pictures. The next step is to get the old Bibles out! That’s where the older generation recorded marriages and births, and these are also considered valid sources by genealogists. One can then proceed to church records, military paperwork and census.

FamilyGenealogy.Online resources make the above search even easier, though the services come at a moderate to high cost. DNA testing today is very accurate, easy and conclusive. However, caution must be exercised, as there could still be an error, and manipulation of testing material isn’t difficult.

FamilyGenealogy.Online is pleased to offer its curated collection of genealogy tools and resources, including books and DVDs, historical newspaper records, genealogy tools and accessories such as customized wood signs and an exclusive genealogy learning blog to figure out the entire process.

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