Winprogger LLC Launches Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud, an Intelligent Business Inventory Solution

Campbell, CA – Winprogger LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its intelligent business inventory solution, Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud.

Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud is a subscription-based platform that enables businesses to manage inventories with an intelligent user-friendly system. Users are able to scan barcodes with automatic lookup of information, manage purchases and sales, track stock levels and expirations, and collaborate with teams easily and effortlessly.

“When we developed Nest Egg for business use, it was important for us to design a next generation intelligent solution while keeping it easy and affordable for small and medium enterprises,” says Satya Das, Nest Egg’s co-founder and CEO. “We also wanted to ensure our system was cloud-based to allow for ultimate portability and that the solution was scalable enough to match our customers’ needs as they grow.”

Nest Egg is elegant, easy-to-use and leverages smart technology to allow organizations to move quickly, while staying on top of stock management with the least amount of effort. The platform provides users with a host of benefits, including:

  • Quick setup and migration
  • Easy system integration
  • Detailed stock management
  • Price-smart purchasing
  • Documentation through photos
  • Localization and internationalization
  • Availability and cloud sync
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Flexibility across all industries[T1] 

Currently, Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud is available in the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone. The platform is available under a Basic Subscription for an introductory fee of just $0.99/month, billed annually. This subscription permits businesses to manage an inventory of 150 items on up to 2 devices.

“We think there is really no excuse for micro-businesses anywhere in the world to continue using Excel sheets for stock management,” says Das. “Larger businesses should anticipate releases at higher usage and feature tiers in the near future.”

Winprogger LLC is the maker of Nest Egg, a family of next-generation inventory management solutions.  The company has 3 solutions in the Apple App Store:  Nest Egg – Inventory Lite, Nest Egg – Inventory, and Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud. The Nest Egg family of market-leading, intelligent solutions are used in 104 countries around the world.

The following video depicts Winprogger LLC’s innovative B2C Nest Egg solution.  Though it is geared towards consumers, it provides viewers with a powerful example of Nest Egg’s intelligent functions:

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