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“Internal Practice” by Herwig Schoen
The readers of Herwig Schoen’s self-help book “Internal Practice” learn how to take the helm of their own lives and plot their own course.

Many people are trapped in the hamster wheel of western society: accumulating more and more of everything seems to be their main goal. But what if everyone actually had a specific purpose to fulfill instead of just repeating the same mistakes over and over again? In this new and revised edition of his book, Herwig Schoen helps readers to better align with themselves. He educates them about the powers they command and the steps to mastering them. This book introduces readers to the greatest power at their disposal: the power to create using energy. We create by way of thought and emotion, both from our conscious awareness and from our subconscious. The mastery of thought and emotion is the first step to the ability to create consciously.

In “Internal Practice” by Herwig Schoen, readers learn how to find freedom in their own thoughts and emotions, enabling them to consciously design their internal mental and emotional environment. They train to lift content from their subconscious into awareness and lean how to apply the book’s teachings in their every day life. The author explains everything step by step in an engaging and easily understood manner.

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