Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week

A quick peek into some unique niches dominated by spectacular New York artistes/designers, introducing their exquisite work of art, and how they have successfully placed their works in the forefront of the art space.


Shaly Guo is a talented New York-based independent fashion designer, Director of Fame Fashion House, Co-founder of  RGSN, ETFashion Couture Enlightenment Instructor, and currently in the process of establishing her own brand. She previously studied at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC); where she majored in fashion design.

Her work is characterized by an imaginative flair with a touch of boldness and has been showcased at a variety of events including; New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Chicago Fashion Week, as well as international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Sanotion, Soleil, etc.

Prior to starting her own independent clothing line, Shaly Guo, she worked extensively under internationally renowned brands such as; Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Club Monaco, etc.  Shaly always has a passion for old toys as an imaginative tool to cross the boundaries of reality and float into a fantasy world.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @shalyguo



Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 2

Huiwen Zhu is a renowned landscape architectural and urban designer. Her extraordinary expertise in this field, has gained her a lot of recognition. Huiwen’s passion and skill set aims to provide resilient, innovative Design solutions in various development scale and context. She was also involved in housing, infrastructural, institutional, and public space projects; which has earned her several awards at both National and state level – 2016 R+D Award, hosted by; AIA Architect and ASLA NY 2017 Merit Award. Furthermore, she actively participated in the research and design of the “Manyatta, A guide to do-it-yourself infrastructure” book publication, a guide that involves the most basic immediate design tools to address major concerns in deprived communities. The research was endorsed, published and duplicated into several copies in Manyatta and Kenya; to guide locals on how to build.

Other remarkable works of Huiwen includes; Micro-infrastructure. Her projects “Data Mining the City”, “Resourceful City” and “Generating Suwon Station” Published by Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University in the City of New York, 2015.


Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 3

Naixin Xu is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York. She received an MFA in Photo, Video and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts in the Spring of 2018. Focusing on the landscape and “man-altered” landscape, her work is an exploration of the space that exists between eternity and ephemerality through the eyes of a flâneur. Her most recent film is a documentary feature of one truck’s voyage from mainland China to Tibet. She has won various awards as well as international recognitions.

Her art practices include; straight photography as well as documentary films, having consistently explored the cultural “in-between” states in landscape and social landscape, such as subjects that are struggling in different invisible conflicts, during social changes like; industrialization, modernization, Secularization, etc. Taking straight photography and documentary films as representations of authenticity, those images depicting surreal and ironic scenes index her observation and thoughts on the ambiguous edges between human and nature, urban and wild, tradition and modern, mundane and sublime, eternity and ephemerality, and how that is reflected in normal lives and common people. In her most recent project, an observational documentary titled “The Drive: 6 Days, 4392 KM, 30000 Yuan”, the viewers are led to embrace the role of silent observers in one truck’s voyage from mainland China to Tibet. The aim of the project is to present, from an observer’s view, fluid and subtle, pictures of the culture itself; its people, its landscape, its economy. All are struggling and remolding between the old and the new, the traditional and the modern.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @xurl



Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 4

Bochun Cheng’s photographic artworks aim to explore both camera and fashion language, critique and contemplate the cliché with his objective point of view. Bochun Cheng was born in Taiwan, and after a year of working at a commercial photo studio, he started his professional career as a freelance photographer in 2015. He studied Fine Art at Pratt Institute, in New York and graduated from the master program in 2018. During his academic years, he was influenced by the 1970’s Dusseldorf School of Photography which was devoted to objectivity, deadpan, and minimalism art.

Cheng is known for breaking the traditional rules of commercial photography. His artworks reveal the racism and biased stereotype of different culture and society that are rooted deeply and unconsciously in the commercial photography industry. His artworks have been published on several fashion and art magazines such as Vogue, Harper Bazzar, Marie Claire, Shuba, DowntownNYC, The HUF, and Solstice. Now he is focusing on redefining the meaning of death, which originates from the grief of losing his mother. By showing different perspectives of death, Cheng captures the Chinese culture and the idea of equality between living stocks and human being.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @bochun.c



Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 5

“For as long as I can remember, I have spent most of my time drawing, painting and making things,” remembers Zitong Zhu, who spent her childhood creating an elaborate painting, drawing, and photography works. Nowadays, Zitong Zhu is a photographer and painter who interested in the reconstruction and deconstruction of space. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts, and an MFA candidate in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts. 

Zitong’s recent work is a site-specific project, using my studio as space. Taking some elements and object as connectors to another space. Let people be aware to pay attention to the objections in their life and realize the beauty of them. The viewer discovers alternative realities through the strategic use of illusion and perspectives. These are realities that they can decide to accept or not for themselves. 

Her work has been featured in School of Visual Arts 20/20 Catalogs, curated by Hitomi Iwasaki, and she has exhibited at galleries and online including SVA Gramercy Gallery, cloying PARLOR Pop-up Show, Magic Plastic Lounge in Satellite Art Fair, and Pumpkin Club Online Gallery.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @zitongzhustudio



Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 6

Jiawei Zhao’s photographic and sculpture work grapples with the shifting of Chinese Students’ culture and their everyday life in the U.S. as a result of assimilating and compromising among Chinese cultural heritage, affirmed impression and viewpoints of Chinese culture in America, and American culture, and it explores a redefinition of his relationship with the homeland simultaneously. His studio practice concentrates on photography applied in mass media and cliché culture/kitsch. Zhao was an accountant, and he received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in year 2014 from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

In 2018, Zhao graduated from MFA Fine Arts program at Pratt Institute, where he was awarded $50,000 Merit-based scholarship. He organized and curated the second-year MFA in photography candidates’ exhibition in 2017. Zhao’s two piece of work were collected by Kala Art Institute, where he finished a residency in January 2019. He has participated in some group exhibitions held at non-profits galleries since 2016 in NYC and California. Zhao’s work has been selected for the 56th Annual Juried Competition at the Masur Museum of Art, and the exhibition runs from February to May 2019. Jiawei has upcoming residencies at the MASS MoCA and Chashama North in Spring 2019.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @jiawei_zhao_



Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 7

After Siyi He graduated from RISD with MLA, her exquisite work of art with a sprinkle of an ancient sensibility of her native country, has produced a clean, streamlined, minimalist voice of cutting-edge landscape architectural design style.

She has successfully carved out a niche for herself, where her works have a fine artist’s sense and highly relevant to the human health. Siyi continues to focus on healing landscapes, weaving with high-density urban fabric from a psychological perspective. “Healing landscapes could be the performance in artistic and mindfulness forms. I always define myself not only as a landscape architectural designer, but also, an artist that; Creatively heal people physically, mentally and spiritually through my designed works,” says Siyi. Her works transform people’s perception from ordinary things to extraordinary through the artistic medium.

She believes everything in our life has forms of beauty. Such as traditional scaffolding, healing installations would be applied to them in the urban area to stimulate brain activity and create a positive influence on people who go underneath them. Colorful healing practices could transform high density, narrow gaps into infinite mindful space for imagination, and transform routine to ritual. Siyi participates in designing local community gardens and pollinate gardens into healing gardens. Currently, she is working on her book about documenting her works and research on healing landscapes.



Top Eight NYC Asian Artists to See This Week 8

Esther Yijun Xu holds a BFA in oil painting from China Academy of Art, and now is an MFA candidate in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts. As a project planner, Esther held an Art Therapy project for SOS Children’s Villages international – one of the largest non-governmental organization, focused on supporting children without parental care and families at risk. The humanitarian act placed art on a whole new level in the society. Furthermore, Esther has worked in New York Fashion week, Zhejiang Art Museum and many art promotion projects. Hence, she has gathered an array of experiences and writing skills which has made her relevant in her field.

Presently, she an emerging artist and participant in the pop-up show and art exhibition based on New York art society. Esther holds a unique philosophy about being an environmentalist, She believes, there is a fantastic and mysterious world which consist of different species, virtual characters and any unknown creatures. Their emotion and feeling are pure and have the blunt force for her. Esther’s latest project originally describes her skill in fusing multi-media installations fragments such as; physical objects, drawing, image, coding, interactive program, video and sounds – inviting the viewer into a preset space.

“My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. “By means of playful black humor, the sweet appearance and metaphors correspond to the reality. Exactly as Shanghai and New York, the modern cities I grew up in and now live in, I deconstruct it into a smiling mask, vibrant seduction and juicy shackles. It is possible that an invisible trap is hidden in every second of pleasure. “In this small space I installed, I narrate that the world is a prank,” she states.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @estheryeexu


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