A Shampoo That Suits People With Sensitive Scalps

There are many kinds of shampoos on the market such as anti-dandruff shampoo, antipruritic shampoo, moisturizing repair shampoo, hair root strengthening shampoo and so on.

SLS has been the mainstream surfactant that has been chosen by many shampoo manufacturers. Being mainly extracted from petroleum, SLS is inexpensive and fine in foam with strong detergency, while also being extremely irritating, which means that the shampoos containing SLS are not suitable for people with sensitive scalp to use.

We suggest that people with sensitive scalp use amino acid shampoos that are milder than common shampoos. Because amino acid shampoo are weakly acidic (pH5.5-5.8), and it won’t break the acid-base balance, because a healthy scalp is with the similar weak acidity. The surfactants of amino acid shampoos are extracted from plant essential oils, being less irritating than SLS. It can gently remove oils and dirts from the scalp, leaving which refreshing. The amino acid shampoos with extraordinary cleaning effect are favored by customers and even start leading the new trend of shampoo products on the market. Many shampoo brands are focusing on launching their amino acid shampoos, one of them is feisou, which has been very popular in London recently.

A shampoo that suits people with sensitive scalps

With the pursuit of natural and healthy care, flavor, silicone oil and sodium chloride are not added to any feisou products, which uses essential oils to perfume and moisturize your hair. For people with different hair textures, feisou has launched four kinds of shampoos, which are lemon flavored shampoo for oily hair, ginger flavored shampoo for preventing hair loss, mint flavored shampoo for the hair with dandruff  and orange flavored shampoo for the dry and split hair, and those shampoos can effectively deal with the problems of the sensitive scalps.

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