Feisou Hair Care Products Help People Take Precautions Against Split Of Hair End

Women have a variety of pursuits of beauty, but there is only one for hair, and that is to have a silky one. but if your hair has not been cared very well, it will easily be withered, split and unruly, and there are two main reasons for which.

One is that the hair is so long that nutrients from the scalp cannot reach hair ends, which would be withered and begin to split. Another is people perm or dye their hair too frequently.The main component of hair is protein, which is a polymer that combined by more than 10 amino acids. Both perm agent and hair dye are high alkaline products containing ammonium, and if they are used too frequently, together with the high temperature during perm dyeing, the hair scales would be damaged. Protein and moisture would loss due to the lack of the barrier, and the hair would become dry, brittle, split and easy to fall out.

In general, split ends are a sign of poor nutrition. feisou hair care products provide the nutrients that your hair needs.

With the pursuit of producing healthy and environmental-friendly products, the harsh and non-degradable SLES surfactants are not added to any feisou products, which instead combine amino acid surfactants with plant essential oils to nourish hair while cleaning it, and the mild and weakly acidic amino acid shampoo will not burden the withered hair.

feisou hair conditioner adopts plant essential oil instead of silicone oil and essence to achieve the effect of being fragrant and moisturizing. With the texture of thin lotion, the conditioner is not greasy at all. Essential oil has a small molecular weight and can be quickly absorbed by hair. If hair can absorb sufficient nutrient, it can effectively prevent being split.

Feisou Hair Care Products Help People Take Precautions Against Split Of Hair End

Only through maintenance, can hair become silky and smooth. We can only cut off the hair that has been split, because it is too late to change it, but we can do something to reduce the chance of getting it.

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