Feisou Shampoo, A Big Seller In London

The importance people attach to their health involves all aspects of life. What they eat and what they apply to their skin are especially important to them.

The human scalp is the second thinest skin except the eyelids, only 1.467 mm, which is particularly vulnerable to the damage from pollutants, heavy metals, and chemical residues. A variety of problems with our hair such as severe hair loss, withered hair, unruly hair and excessively oily hair are all resulted from the unhealthy scalp actually. Shampoos are the products that we use on our scalps every day, therefore, it is necessary for us to choose a mild and healthy one.

Today we’re talking about feisou shampoo, which has been a big seller in London recently.

Feisou shampoo is an amino acid shampoo, and the amino acid surfactants in it are mild in nature. Weakly acidic foam of amino acid shampoo will not cause the acid-base disturbances on the scalp, and it has good synergistic effects with a variety of plant essential oils, so that the shampoo would have a moderate cleaning power and gently clean the scalp. It will refresh your scalp more than a silicone-containing shampoo  does and moisturize your hair more than a silicone-free shampoo does.

Feisou has only launched four different types of shampoos, which are lemon flavored shampoo that can deeply clean the oily hair, ginger flavored shampoo that can strengthen the hair, mint flavored shampoo that can effectively remove dandruff, leaving a refreshing feeling on your scalp, and orange flavored shampoo that can nourish the dry and split hair. With the pursuit of natural and healthy care, thickener like sodium chloride is not added to any feisou products. Therefore, it is liquid in texture, fine in foam, letting you get a refreshing scalp after shampooing .

Feisou shampoos are used in a similar way to regular shampoos. First, wet your hair, then pour a small amount of shampoo on your hair and lather it up. If your hair is greasy, you need to clean it a second time.

Feisou Shampoo, A Big Seller In London 

Everyone knows that their hair will be dry after using a silicone-free shampoo. While feisou silicone-free shampoo has been added a variety of plant essential oils, which have small molecular weight and can be absorbed by the scalp, thus penetrating into the hair roots and nourishing the scalp and hair.

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