Hu Jiaqi, the Well-known Anthropologist Has Been Praised by Readers Since the Publication of Saving Humanity 1

Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist has been deeply loved by readers since the publication of Saving Humanity.

Some readers wrote a long letter to comment on the book and pointed out in their letter that many people are discussing the issue of extinction of human beings, but few people have integrated these things into professional and scientific theories, and few people have taken the human as a unit and analyzed the issue from economic, biological, physical and other aspects.

After 40 years of research, Mr. Hu Jiaqi finally wrote the book, Saving Humanity. This is an encyclopedia that covers the scientific knowledge of human beings and demonstrates the epoch declaration of the ideal society of mankind.

The birth of a revolutionary truth will always face a ruthless blow. But for the fate of mankind, Hu Jiaqi still bravely stands up and shouts: human beings should limit the development of science and technology.

Hu Jiaqi believes that human’s evolution is still not perfect. On evolution of human intelligence: there is an evolutionary imbalance between creativity and rationality, the rationality level is too low. And rationality should be the main criterion for defining good and evil. He specifically pointed out the weakness of human nature, namely the vision of interest (short-sightedness), extreme selfishness, self-deception, eternal struggle, and endless desire. He pointed out that contemporary science and technology play a decisive role in self-threat and increase the threat level, that is, the strengthening effect of science and technology. What the ultimate destructive power of science and technology will be, whether human beings can control the development of science and technology, whether they can rationally use scientific and technological achievements, and whether they can accurately judge the performance of science and technology, all these things are uncertain.

Hu Jiaqi, the Well-known Anthropologist Has Been Praised by Readers Since the Publication of Saving Humanity 2

Mr. Hu Jiaqi once said, “The biggest feature of science and technology is the uncertainty. What we often think the best scientific and technological achievements are the worst. This uncertainty will also lead us to some unexpected experimental results in scientific experiments, some of which are beneficial and some are harmful. The inadvertent use of scientific and technological achievements and the negligence of scientific experiments after science and technology reach the level of extinction of human beings will produce the explosive power accidentally, thus pushing mankind to the abyss of extinction.”

Therefore, on this basis, Hu Jiaqi has come to the conclusion that the infinite development of science and technology will lead to the extinction of humanity. Mr. Hu Jiaqi pointed out that according to the existing scientific and technological theories, the following means of extermination of human beings can be inferred: self-replicating nano-robots, artificial intelligence, super-gene weapons. Moreover, science and technology have the law of cyclic breakthroughs and fission-type accelerating development which can lead to the inevitable emergence of human extinction.

 Hu Jiaqi, the Well-known Anthropologist Has Been Praised by Readers Since the Publication of Saving Humanity 3

Throughout the book, we will find that the issue proposed by Mr. Hu Jiaqi is not a superfluous worry. Human beings have reached a dangerous moment and need to use their wisdom to solve the problems we face. The questions he raised are valuable and worthy of our serious considerations. His spirit of caring for the destiny of mankind is very valuable, and the proposed plan also reflects the good wishes of mankind.

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