Kingdom of Diamonds Launches Noble Book Project through Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Some children prefer playing with dolls, others prefer playing video games but nothing beats the authenticity of a good children’s book. These books are sometimes a child’s first interaction with formal education, which is why they are pretty important. They also have a lot to do with shaping a child’s personality and attitudes as opposed to them learning through unmoderated videos.

Carolina Teixeira is a missionary and educator that was born in Brazil and has dedicated her writing skills to children’s books that strike the perfect balance between fun and educative. The kingdom of Diamonds, in particular, is a set of vibrant illustration of stories. It uses a princess and kingdom theme that children totally love to teach various virtues. These books are based around Princess Carolina’s Hoperoot adventures with Captain Wonderbird and Peter of Notting Hill.   

The kingdom of Diamonds manages to craftily incorporate life lessons in the stories especially those that advocate for positively impacting the world. Some of the great lessons include the importance of kindness and volunteering. Teixeira also goes a step further to illustrate how using the right channels to solve problems impacts emotions like frustration, fear and anger. These are some of life’s most important lessons especially when it comes to critical thinking and self-expression. Perhaps the most spectacular thing about Kingdom of Diamonds’ Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is the noble initiative behind it.

For every preorder made, a child in need will receive a paperback copy for free. This charity project will see children St. Mary RC primary school, schools, and various other institutions and charities receive several copies of the books. All funds from this campaign will be channeled towards the printing costs.  The thing about life is that what one considers as pocket change could be a well of riches for another person. This is why when there’s a chance to donate for such noble causes, one shouldn’t hesitate to do it.


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