As the cryptocurrency industry flourishes in recent years, a great many people have crowded into this field. However, this industry has developed so fast and the cryptocurrency operation mode has been so backward that cryptocurrencies are frequently stolen. For instance, 50 million dollars of cryptocurrencies of The Dao were stolen, as well as 480 million dollars of Mt.Gox and 530 million dollars of Coincheck. These events even shocked the whole financial field. Thefts have been so frequent in only several years that people fall into horror. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are in urgent need of a safer network environment. On the other hand, the trading of cryptocurrency is blocked. Even accounts are frozen when Bitcoins are used in the transaction. All these problems have caused great pressure to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Under such condition, a brand new “energy” is needed to bring vitality and vigor into the financial platform.

In October 2018, Next Bank, the world’s first cryptocurrency bank which acknowledges Bitcoin as a currency in circulation, was founded in US, which gives hope to numerous practitioners. It is said that Next Bank takes “following the trend and seizing the future” as its connotation, and takes advantage of the advanced network technology of America to provide better virtual currency services for users.

On one hand, Next Bank’s block browser and NB index can rapidly seize and evaluate the latest status of the cryptocurrency market. NB index can make a systematic analysis on the market and accurately position fluctuations in the market, so it is of great use to the evaluation of cryptocurrency. Moreover, to properly protect cryptocurrency, Next Bank has specially created the block browser for blockchain users. It not only enables users to query the data such as block, transaction, address, amount of currency and so on, but also offers the cryptocurrency security technology to better protect your cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, both the security kits and digital token make transactions much safer and more convenient. The Universal Wallet’s security kits offer three modes, including Smart Card, USB Key and Cold Wallet, so it is highly optional. In addition, digital assets are not accessible to the network, so they can be better protected. In the process of transaction, it uses digital token to have currencies exchanged quite easily. It is worth mentioning that it produces a quite low transaction fee.

At last, in terms of safety, the cold wallet, a unique software technology, has multiple transaction passwords. In the process of transaction, it will randomly generate powerful seed passwords to obtain private key and address. Certainly, the private key will never have access to the network, so it is able to effectively protect the cryptocurrencies. Besides, it offers other functions such as the hard fork solutions. What’s more, supported by Universal Wallet’s security kits, it can protect your cryptocurrencies in an all-round and multi-level manner.

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