Retired Actor Launches “Short Stories” Documentary Through Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Howard The Duck, the Bride of Chucky and Child’s Play 1&2 are some of the most iconic horror films that Hollywood has to offer. Ed Gale has had a major role in these films, not to mention the wide variety of monsters, elves, heroes aliens he’s played over the years. All this work can be summed up in almost 25 years of Ed in the entertainment industry which for any actor in Hollywood is immeasurable experience. Ed’s life and career will be put down in a documentary dubbed short story that is set to kick off on May 2nd.  

“Short Stories with Ed Gale” will be exciting to say the least, as it is expected to pull back the curtain on several of Ed’s characters to give the viewers a peek of the actor unmasked. Other than an impressive resume, Ed has also performed a lot of incredible stunts including; choreographed fight scenes, being ran over by a big rig, crashing through a moving vehicles windscreen, flying on wires and many more. His most notable stunts are full body burns in Child’s Play and Leprechaun 3 that also included flying on wires.  

While creating a documentary can be somewhat exciting, the same cannot be said about its financial constraints. It is for this reason that “Short Stories” is running a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. Besides, the documentary is for the fans as much as it is for Ed. All funds raised through this campaign will be diligently used to cater for costs related to licenses, production and post-production, rewards and locations/ travel. Even though the production crew may face some challenges during the filming of this documentary, they are determined to make it happen for their fans.  

At some point everyone wonders what the life of a Hollywood actor looks like, especially one that has acted in various exciting films. “Short Stories with Ed Gale” seeks to answer those questions through Ed Gale’s career and life story.

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