The Salable Shampoos That Are Weakly Acidic In The Market

The outermost layer of our skin is called sebaceous film, and the sebaceous film pH should be maintained at a weak acidic state of 4.5-6.5 to keep the skin healthy. It is a very thin natural protective film, which can resist many bacteria and environmental damage.

So the shampoo with weak acidity suits people to use most, it can keep the hair being in healthy growing environment. But why are most shampoos on the market alkaline? Because the basic shampoo is with a higher pH, although it can clear the grease in the hair quickly with the strong cleaning power, but the long-term use of it would make the hair becomes unruly.

Weakly acidic shampoo is with similar pH to a healthy scalp. Being mild and less irritating, it keeps the scalp being in a weak acidic environment and also prevents bacteria from growth, which stops you from getting dandruff and provides hair with a healthy growing environment.

Feisou shampoo are weakly acidic (pH5.5-5.8),containing many kinds of amino acid surfactants. It cleans hair gently and does not damage the scalp. Moisturizing your hair with natural nutrients, feisou shampoo would give you a fuller and fluffy hair. What’s more, plant essential oils are added to it, which brings a pleasant scent.

Feisou has launched four different types of shampoos, and each product plays a different role for different hair texture. Lemon flavored shampoo can deeply clean the oily hair, ginger flavored shampoo can strengthen the hair, mint flavored shampoo can effectively remove dandruff, leaving a refreshing feeling on scalp, and orange flavored shampoo can nourish the dry and split hair. With the pursuit of natural and healthy care, thickener like sodium chloride is not added to any feisou products. Therefore, it is liquid in texture, fine in foam, letting you get a refreshing scalp after shampooing.

The Salable Shampoos That Are Weakly Acidic In The Market

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