Which Kind Of Shampoo Should People Choose To Prevent Serious Hair Loss? 1

Hair loss is a detestable problem, which has been besetting people and making them feel helpless in a long time. According to the investigation, European alopecia rate is higher than it is in other parts of the world. People are always eager for healthy and smooth hair, while hair loss is a  troublesome issue for hair care. There are many reasons for hair loss, for example, staying up late, smoking, being obese, losing weight and so on. And the commonest cause of it is imperfect cleanness for scalp, which would make the oil on scalp adsorb dust in the air that would accumulates on scalp and hair follicles and even block up scalp pores, for which, hair papillae would atrophy, which leads to scalp itch and hair loss.Therefore, it is necessary for us to choose a shampoo that is with strong detergency but mild in nature.


Most shampoos in the market can be split into three categories that are soap based shampoo, shampoo containing sulphate and amino acid shampoo.

Soap base has been used for making shampoo at early time. It has strong detergency, while too much use of it would excessively dry our scalp and even cause dandruff problem, because the ingredients for cleansing in soap base mainly consist of fatty acid and sodium hydrate, which are very alkaline, while our scalp is with weak acidity.

SLES has been the mainstream surfactant that has been chosen by many shampoo manufacturers. Being mainly extracted from petroleum, SLES is inexpensive and fine in foam with strong detergency, while also being extremely irritating, because its production process always accompanied by the production of 1,4-dioxane as a by-product that can damage our hair and even our scalp.

Amino acid surfactants are produced by the chemical reaction of amino acids and hydrophobic substances. It is as mild as pure water,  being weakly acidic (pH5.5-5.8), which is similar with our skin. Therefore, amino acid  shampoo won’t cause tightness burdening our scalp during the shampooing time. 

Today I would like to introduce to you feisou shampoo, which is a new star in the field of personal care products.

Which Kind Of Shampoo Should People Choose To Prevent Serious Hair Loss?

Feisou focus on hair cleaning and hair care, having only two categories of products that are amino acid shampoo and silicone-free hair conditioner. With the pursuit of natural and healthy care, flavor and thickener(sodium chloride)are not added to any products of feisou.

Feisou amino acid shampoo substitutes expensive plant essential oils for essence and silicone oil, effectively cleaning hair while also nourishing it.

There are approximately 30% amino acid surfactants and many kinds of plant essential oils and plant extracts in each bottle of feisou shampoo, due to which, the color of shampoo would change slightly after the bottle being opened for a period of time, which does not affect using effect. For your perfect using experience, running out of the shampoo in three months after opening is suggested.

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