Eagle Rock Global Transportation Application is an ecosystem that enables the community to operate deliveries with small costs, efficiency. The demand for deliveries today enable Eagle Rock Global to introduce a new approach to the logistic industry. With Eagle Rock Transportation ecosystem: customer, retailer and supplier will receive cheaper and flexible services through blockchain technology.


ERG App is transportable applications research and development based on the strengths and advantages of the predecessor application. ERG build transport services covers all other services can bring, such as traditional courier services are popular cod ship on transportation fronts today. In other words, ERG brings more new services and help the majority of the needs of customers not only in the region and the world.

A mobile application can be much of various things. All of entrepreneurs now are meet much of problems not only with customers, but also itself. Definitely, the transit to mobile is not very new, ERG realized the development of mobile in this age and combine it with the demands of customers – ERG Transportation app was born.

What are the common difficulties that transportation entrepreneur meets?

Customers complained about:

• Delayed and late deliveries

• Overpriced deliveries

• Lengthy delivery times

• Forced to stay home and wait for delivery

Businesses are suffering from:

• Costs of repeated delivery attempts: Customers not at home and not answering when at the door, causing additional costs for second time delivery

• Not being able to grow business due to the limited capacity of delivery and related costs

• Costs associated with customers not available to receive delivery

• Managing peak times (Weekends, holidays and special occasions)

• Handling customer complaints

• Communications within the fleet and with customers

• Difficulties offering real-time tracking options to customers

• The increasing cost of deliveries due to the increase in the minimum wage

What are the solutions ERG gives?

The Optimal Services

ERG opened intercontinental shipping services. With extremely preferential charges predetermined time to time for customers to track the short delivery schedule. Besides the long delivery route is a new service appears based on shipping forms. Accordingly, those wishing to transport goods and gifts from the most remote places in the world have the ability to be delivered. Who have transportation needs will be posting information and their goods on the applications shipped ERG, after a period of post information, anyone with the ability to bring the item to the place to be transported will deliver translation and negotiate fees for customers who need to transfer.

Guarantees the quality of all services offered

The ERG is the medial side of the app will ensure the rights of both the carrier and the freight demand.

• Fees and money orders will be shipped to the customer centre of the ERG app, the staff at the Center will deliver goods to the carrier with the legally binding and the legal guarantee of the goods will come to the right place.

• The goods arrive, be verified by monitoring staff at the point of delivery, the cost of money will be paid entirely to the carrier via the app delivery.

Due to the special nature of the sector as well as the market, ERG has a customer care Department (business) are investing very thorough about manpower, experience, with the support of technology.

To provide the full service to customers, transport sewn ERG made three main solutions include:

• New business models

• Applications of modern technology

• Customer care services of high quality.

The rights of the client and the transporter

ERG has yielded clear benefits for all partners in the “fair” of its technology.

For shippers: through ERG technology applications, reduce shippers are apparatus, personnel costs, get better service quality, and the notable point is saving transportation costs from 5-10%, some of which can reach 20%.

For customers: Do not worry about the problem of goods because users can choose the prestigious transport business, according to reviews. With simple operation, just owned devices such as smart-phones or 1 tablet containing internet connection. You can use the software in a completely free of charge. The application can be downloaded on the App Store and CH Play.

Advantages to the community:

Flexible Service: 24/7 availability and flexibility

Live Alerts: Timely and reliable tracking with smart notifications

Safer Roads: Improved road safety for pedestrians and vehicles

City Friendly: Access to greener and cost effective last mile alternative

With this transport application that enterprises could use more convenient for transport orders. In addition, the software also helps business owners easily accessible to clients than in traditional ways today. Because all the information they need to move the order I have listed up to help business. Customers can choose the appropriate shipment for your route, and never have to worry about the car will have to blank as before.


ERG work wherever you are, when you need to transport the goods vehicle owners will connect with you via the contact form that you allow. At the same time, you can actively search for thousands of the vehicles running empty ready goods receipt listed to have the most competitive rates.

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