Keeping Health of People a Priority: NeoDocto Provides Mosquito Repellents and Mosquito Nets to Reduce Death Cases in Maram Village

The Global President & CEO of NeoDocto Inc. – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa
With the objective to provide quality services. NeoDocto distributes mosquito nets in the rural communities. Neodocto provides information on how to use mosquito repellent and also take necessary steps to eliminate mosquitos in the home and environment.

Manhattan, New York – May 1, 2019 – NeoDocto foundation in India distributes Mosquito repellents to rural dwellers in North East villages to help prevent the spread of malaria and reduce death cases.  It is not new that India is one of the most affected states in the world in terms of malaria casualty. In fact about 90% of India is at the risk of malaria infection according to a statistic by the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme.  The Indian government had instituted plans that by 2030 India would be malaria-free and consequently unveiled plans for “zero indigenous cases and deaths due to malaria for 3 years” to gain its malaria-free status and set up the National Framework for Malaria Elimination 2016-2030.

The state of Manipur has been committed to the fight against malaria being the state with the lowest cases of malaria among states in the north east. This is because the state has a traditional habit of using mosquito nets and efforts by the control programme officials and also awareness on the part of the people. However, it has been warned by experts that it could face an outbreak of malaria at any time and therefore needs to be vigilant. In addition the state malaria officer of Manipur had stressed the commitment of the government toward elimination of malaria form the state and India by 2020 and stressed that the responsibility was not entirely that of government alone but also that everyone had a pert to play in it.

Neodocto through its NeoDocto Malaria Eradication Program has been rendering assistance to governmental and other non-governmental agencies to combat malaria worldwide and educate on how society can contribute to having a safer environment. It is in furtherance of these objectives that Neodocto have taken a step to stem out the malaise of malaria in Maram village in Manipur by providing them with mosquito repellents to help reduce cases of malaria infection and death.

Neodocto is bringing good and sick free life to everyone, even at the grassroots by providing mosquito nets. These treated mosquito nets will protect every individual or family that uses it, most especially mother and their babies from mosquito bites. The net will be available and accessible to everyone in the rural and urban areas until no one is left out. With Neodocto good health is guaranteed and community is malaria free.

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NeoDocto is a digital healthcare platform evolved to serve the global population with a wide range of healthcare services on a finger tap away through mobile app. It aims to educate and create awareness on healthcare through digital healthcare services. Neodocto strives and aims to build a complete digital healthcare platform. It is headquartered in New York, USA and operates in 81 countries all over the world. The primary objective of NeoDocto is to make healthcare services affordable, accessible, anytime anywhere.

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