In the competitive world today, more and more businesses are focussing on delighting their customers. Strategies are brainstormed, day in and day out, on how to retain niche clients, how to reach out to potential target customers and how to enhance market positions. Behind all this, many corporates forget to look back and focus on their most valued asset – their employees. Those entities that do are success stories in the corporate world today. However robust and innovative your products and services are, if there are no committed and enthusiastic people running the systems and processes behind this, the business is doomed to fail shortly.

Team building is slowly getting its due recognition in the business world. Its role in boosting employee morale leading to the success of the business has now been accepted globally. While corporate team building programs are essential and crucial for the growth of a business, it needs to be result-oriented. Most big multinational companies, therefore, willingly invest their money and time today allocating resources to plan out team building activities in detail, during the start or through the course of the year.

What should be the objective of the perfect corporate team building event?

  • To promote internal communication
  • To build an environment of trust and collaboration
  • To help people from different backgrounds connect genuinely and work in solidarity towards setting and achieving the business goals
  • To allay inter-department and intra-department conflicts and issues
  • To help employees understand and respect each other’s role in the organisation
  • To assist employees so that they work as a united force to effectively handle problems and resolve them

Team events are must for companies of all sizes

The truth is that the size of the company does not matter when it comes to boosting the spirits of the employees and providing for a congenial working atmosphere. Irrespective of whether a company has onboard thousands of employees or just a handful few, the crux of the matter is that your business can be more productive only when your employees are happy and putting their best foot forward. Small, medium or big, to ensure that your brand stands out in the marketplace, business entities need to understand the significance and value off sites and team engagements.

What are corporate team building exercises?

  • Usually, these activities are planned well in advance, and employees are informed accordingly
  • Many companies take their employees out of town or city for the corporate team off sites where employees are made to stay at a hotel or resort. While certain specific activities are officially planned for the day and the evening, employees get a lot of free time to interact with each other on a personal level and organically, making them bond even stronger
  • Certain events take place within the office premises or even at a conference/outdoor venue in the city itself. The purpose of such events is usually to conduct ice-breaker activities followed by day-long discussions, brainstorming or training on a topic, issue, problem, etc.

Why does my organisation need employee engagement activity?

Organisations benefit in lots of ways when they conduct team building events in a planned and organized manner.  Even if the benefits are not translated into numbers on an immediate basis, over some time the advantages become visible, and the performance figures start to show on the papers.

Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Helps create a motivated work environment and builds the morale of the team. One of the objectives of a sound corporate team experience should be to let the team have fun. If it is like any other day in the office, the purpose is lost. Amid the laughter and enjoyment, employees are encouraged to connect better, make friends, socialize and engage with each other. The overall effect is a motivated team, ready to get back to their work fully charged up and with flared up passions.
  2. Opens up the channel for fostering creativity. Team activities when done properly help the members open and share their thoughts and ideas about a common problem, issue, topic, etc. More the brains more are the ideas. The better rapport between the team members enables more contributions and innovative ideas to come up.
  3. Helps build trust amongst the internal stakeholders of the organisation. Most companies have disgruntled employees who are disconnected from their teammates, their managers, and even the top management. The discontent is more to do with the presence of ambiguities in the workplace and scepticism about the management etc. All these doubts and qualms are appropriately handled and cleared off during corporate team outings that act as a weapon to break the barrier that exists between different team members. These outings provide an informal atmosphere that helps change preconceived notions and perceptions of the team. Team leaders and top management cease to be bosses for the day and become colleagues that have a positive effect on all present.
  4. It is one of the best tools to foster and develop problem-solving skills in your employees. Effective team exercises involve activities where different members are required to work together to resolve a problem and come with suitable solutions. It encourages members to put their rationale minds to work and think strategically. Next time there is a practical problem that needs resolving, the team is ready to get into action and come up with meticulous solutions and strategies.
  5. Help identify leaders of tomorrow. Team events that are structured usually result in one or more members taking up leadership roles, guiding the discussion and taking effective decisions. It gives the corporate and the individuals the opportunity to identify people with and without leadership skills and designing programs for further development of the talent in the future.

Team building should not be a one-time activity. It needs to be done continuously, or else it will fall flat. The positive vibes and the excitement level need to be kept going. Organisations also should not overtly emphasize on learnings and takeaways from such events – when done organically these activities can become more effective.

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