Axdy is the polymath of electronic music! Excavating further into his music-making process to see why he’s so unique from any other musical artists in the world. 1

Axdy firmly believes in decoding any hardcore challenges and also in the concept of “creating everything out of nothing” and this is what he has been doing so far with a great deal of consistency. Firstly, programming music without using any musical instruments and MIDIs sounds so crazy. Never heard of anyone in this world who does so. So, how does Axdy actually accomplish this? Axdy says he programs music manually into the system i.e. electronically. He is completely used to it and he has been executing this since his childhood. This is quite bizarre! Means how can one produce music without even using a MIDI. A MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface that’s used by all the music producers around the world to structure music into the main system. But here, Axdy is completely out of the world.

Secondly, Axdy is known for single-handedly compiling his projects. Means he is the only person solely responsible for not only writing the lyrics/scripts and providing the vocals but also for composing and producing the entire song/music, that even sitting at his home itself. Hence, proving that he is completely from a different league altogether. Axdy explains he doesn’t specifically do this to prove that he’s some kind of an alien who came from a different planet, instead it’s because he doesn’t like to stay dependent on others to finish a job. That’s why he has self-trained himself in all the departments of the music-making process so that he can stay independent forever. And he didn’t achieve this in a day or two but it took years to master. Also, one more reason he provided is money. According to Axdy, when he started his career he didn’t have enough money to outsource and distribute his works among others. Hence, his projects didn’t involve any other vocalists/composers/musicians/producers, etc. Only Axdy and his minimal studio setup and that’s enough! Incredible, isn’t it? No obstacles can stop him from achieving his purpose.

Lastly, Axdy says that you don’t need expensive gears and a huge framework in order to devise your projects. In the end, it all depends upon the engineers and not machines, gears and audio workstations. “You should be capable enough to architect a sound using the least resources available in front of you,” Axdy mentioned. That’s the real challenge and fun! It’s quite unbelievable and surprising, but it’s a fact. Axdy really likes to do things in the most challenging ways rather than the easier ways.

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