Lim Eunseop, CEO of Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd., Was Awarded The Presidential Citation 1
Lim Eunseop, the CEO of Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd., was awarded the presidential citation in commemoration of the 52nd Science Day in Korea.

Mr. Lee was awarded the Presidential citation for his contribution to continuous growth of the company and development of the regional economy through combination of the technological innovation and technology management centered on the production sites such as commercialization of the IoT-based remote infusion monitoring system which has been spotlighted overseas in ‘2019 Science, Information and Communications Day’ Ceremony which was held on April 22 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea hosted by Ministry of Science and ICT and Korea Communications Commission, and arranged by Korea Federation of ICT Organizations and Korea Federation of Science & Technology Societies.

The event of this day was organized to contribute to the national science and technology innovation by raising the pride and honor and promoting morale of science and technology engineers who rendered great services to the development of science and technology.

Lim Eunseop, CEO of Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd., Was Awarded The Presidential Citation 2

Mr. Lee said, “We will do our best to make more profound study and develop better technologies for the consumers to live in more comfortable world.” Meanwhile, at the commemoration ceremony of this day, 79 people of total were awarded Government Citations in the science and technology promotion sector, including 28 medals, 7 awards, 20 Presidential citations, and 24 Prime Minister citations.

About Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd.

Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd. of Korea, having built its reputation as a manufacturer of automobile parts, has gained wide recognition for its quality excellence by launching iRINGER, a smart medical device based on the Internet of Things (IoT) due to its technological prowess accumulated over many years. Along with the function of counting, calculating, and managing droppings of iRinger solution, iRINGER can easily monitor fluid from outside the hospital room using wireless networks such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The iRINGER combines both convenience and stability so that medical practitioners can check the infusion of Ringers solution information in real time using a smartphone app or PC. The iRINGER, which brought innovation to the healthcare market, has received great responses from the domestic market and has advanced into the Indian market to successfully enter the global market.

Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd. will strive to continuously develop various healthcare fields such as ‘Smart Patient Care Systems’ and also welcomes inquiries from serious investors who are able and willing to carry out business together with Shin Sung TK Co., Ltd.

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