MEL Science Chemistry Video Goes Viral with 35 Million Views & 200K Shares
Popular STEM subscription MEL Science has shot a video exposing the use of plastic in aluminum cans, resulting in millions of views and an outpouring of surprised comments on social media.

London, UK – A video released by MEL Science exposing the use of plastic in aluminum cans has gone viral, with millions of views on social media. The video reveals the surprising use of plastic in common aluminum cans, such as soft drinks. Viewers are shocked to learn that an ordinary aluminum can is concealing a devious secret – that the can is not only covered with a protective layer of tin on the outside, but also a layer of plastic on the inside.  The layer of plastic is intended to keep the drink from interacting with aluminum.

Along with the video, MEL Science provides step-by-step instructions on how to actually perform the experiment. The instructions include a list of equipment needed and a full description of the process.

About the Company

MEL Science is a monthly chemistry set subscription that is accompanied by virtual reality (VR) lesson plans. Lessons take the subscriber to the atomic and molecular level to ensure better understanding of complex chemistry concepts.

The subscription was created to provide children with hands-on learning through personal experiences, and according to Katro, it also provides a great way for families to spend time together and build fun memories.

To view the experiment and find out how to conduct it yourself, visit

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