There is no denying the charm and appeal of fantasy adventure books. They bring wonder and excitement among the readers as they follow the main character navigates their way in a strange yet fantastical world. The Creed Griffon series offers all that and more.
Fantasy adventure books have always held a special place in the hearts of many book-lovers. It draws people of all ages who love to experience the wonderful and fantastical universe that the characters live in. There is also the allure of adventure, a time-honored theme in many classical books and will always have a special place in the hearts of many. All these are present in the fantasy series of Creed Griffon, a wonderful series of books written by C. L. Lewis. Although set in a fantasy world, the series tackles subjects that relate to the real world. Friendship and loyalty are the two main themes of the book as well as forgiveness, hatred, and anger. Many who have read the series all claimed that it is hard to put down and quite easy to sympathize and relate with the characters.

The story revolves around Creed Griffon, the main protagonists of the books. Despite being poor, he is able to attend a rich affluent school where his mom works as a counselor. He despises the world around him and wants to distance himself from all the decadence and wealth that his classmates live by. The disappearance of a fellow student prompted Creed to go on an adventure where he meets colorful characters and discovery things that lead him to question his own dark past. Other characters include Burton Woods, Creed’s best friend and fellow student of the school. Isabelle Polanski is another of Creed’s classmate but their relationship is far from being called a friendship. Mr. O’Keefe is a favorite teacher at the school. Fun and outgoing, he is a father figure among the students.

The first book of the series is titled the Road to Dendura. It introduces the character of Creed Griffon and sets the world where they inhabit. To many of his classmates, Creed is considered a troublemaker. The disappearance of his classmate prompted Creed to set off on an unexpected adventure. Pursued by Fallon, Ghedoon, and Giests, Creed meets many unlikely creatures and characters along the way. He is forced to deal with a secret past he has long kept hidden and a mysterious tattoo on his arm. The second book, titled Iconic, follows Creed and Burton around the mystical port of Tanis. Here, they are accompanied by Isabelle and Clancey as they struggle to comprehend how the dangerous world of Craft operates.

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