The Elevation Planner, strategically designed to elevate one’s personal, and professional life. 1
Achieve your goals in life and overcome restraints with The Elevation Planner. Available on Kickstarter

Good news for those struggling hard to find true perfection in life. An Oklahoma based visionary, Justin Pruitt, recently introduced a pathbreaking planner that will help one to find success in both professional and personal lives. Aptly titled “Elevation Planner,” this tested and proven planner is aimed to eliminate disorganization and enable users to achieve “true elevation.”

The campaign is geared to raise around $12,500.

“You have your dream to make it big in life, and that’s great. But there will be challenges. You are ready to put in your hard work, but you will still need something extra to overcome these challenges. The main challenges here are disorganization of thoughts and goals and the resistance that you feel within yourself. The sad part is there are no right tools to wade through these barriers successfully. And this is where Elevation Planner comes to the rescue”, stated Pruitt who himself has designed and used the revolutionary planner in the last two years.

This next-gen elevation planner is engineered to do exactly as its name says – “ELEVATE.” It’s strategically designed to help users to rise, overcome restraints, march forward, climb peaks and achieve “real elevation” in every aspect of life.

“Elevation Planner is armed with everything one needs to exercise full control on his/her life. From help with day planning to goal setting to calendar to prompted journaling to daily reflection – it has got everything. It also includes spaces to note down your thoughts and notes. The planner will put your life inside a perfect strategic system for success and elevate your goal settings so that you can rise in life. Put simply; it’s the missing link you have been searching for on your way to your dream achievements. I have myself used this planner and have experienced excellent results. Now, I am looking forward to mass production of this planner so that I can share my secret of success with you all. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign.

The revolutionary planner comes with two major sections- a Goal Planning section which includes Annual Summits (the result of your goals) and Quarterly Hikes (goals in each quarter to reach the final accomplishment).  Then there is a section for Weekly and Daily Planning that features a daily spread containing a calendar split into 30-minute increments, task planning, and free form notes. 

“The Planner contains a special section called ‘Daily Reflection’ where you will journal what you learned throughout the day along with what you are grateful for. It also includes Week Preview and Week Review sections for each week to keep you on track of your tasks, their progress and eventually your goals.”

This Premium Planner comes in a luxurious leather cover with gold foil stamping. All the pages are crafted from thick, smooth paper to ensure lasting durability over time. It also features classy bookmark ribbons to help users find needed pages easily.

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on this revolutionary planner – $20 discount for Super Early Bird backers. Other gifts include quarterly Hike bookmark, access to Elevation Planner Brain Trust Facebook Group, Pilot Frixion pen and so on.

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